Facebook Live Is The New Way To Go Viral!

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Do you feel like your blog has been stagnate?

Maybe you have tried every way to find new readers, but no matter where you look you cannot find them?

Or perhaps you need to connect with existing readers in a new way?

Let me introduce you to Facebook Live!


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What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a way for people, pages, and public figures to broadcast a live video to their friends and followers.

It is very similar to Periscope, but this will share on your Facebook profile or page instead.

For tips on live streaming just checkout this post on how to prepare for your next broadcast (even though it is designed for Periscope, these tips will still work great for Facebook Live).


Why Can Facebook Live Help You Go Viral?

Simply put you are showing your full personality!

No longer will you need to be perfectly edited, have full makeup team, or expensive camera to touch the hearts of your followers.

All you need is your iPhone or Android phone and Facebook App.

Before you know it you will have that perfect video to help reach your audience.

Live streaming is all about helping put your face and personality out there.

It is about embracing your flaws  and flub ups! Helping your followers get to know the real you.

Take for instance Candace Payne.

She recently did a quick Facebook Live broadcast about taking some yoga pants back to Kohl’s, and during that shopping trip she purchased a Chewbacca mask.

Candace decided to do a quick broadcast showing off her mask and she has now reached viral status with over 153 million views!

In case you haven’t seen her delightful video we are including at bottom of post.


Why Did She Go Viral?

Basically you meet her and feel in love with her laugh.

And before you realized it, you were hitting that lovely ‘share’ and ‘like’ button.

It was all over my feed for days, and she has been featured on morning tv shows!

Within a few days she entered the world of viral star!

Her video wasn’t perfect by no means!

But she was herself… Nothing fake… Just real laughter and honest reaction to her live viewers!

Her viewers could relate to her infectious laughter, and after watching her their day felt little brighter.


How Can You Go Viral?

  • Be Yourself
  • Don’t Worry About Perfection
  • Include Humor Often
  • Be Relatable
  • Keep Broadcast Shorter (Viewers have short attention spans)

Don’t be afraid to live stream! Every blogger I have talked to loves it, and it has really helped their blog.

They meet new readers, were able to listen to them, and find ways to improve their blog.

Get started today, because you never know what video can make you go viral!

***Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by Facebook, but is based on my experience.***


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