5 Powerful Ways to use Videos to Drive Awareness, Leads & Sales

There are many Ways to use Videos and increase sales, it’s necessary to first increase your brand awareness.

Video is a great tool for achieving brand awareness – actually, it’s one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

Still, it’s a surprising fact that almost half of businesses around the world don’t use video as a part of their marketing strategy.

As video will become dominant on the internet traffic, it’s high time you learn how to implement video into your marketing strategy and boost your sales and leads.


5 Powerful Ways to use Videos to Drive Awareness, Leads & Sales - Video is a great tool and one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

1. Video chats

Chats don’t have to be impersonal anymore – that’s where video steps in.

By switching to video chats, you will create customized communication – whether you want to have a webinar, a product demo or simply to offer a potential customer advice or clarification, video chat is a personalized approach.

The thing is that many customers will appreciate the fact that they can ask questions to a real person while they are browsing your website.

There is a greater chance an online purchase will be made if a potential customer can have the information they need instantly, and from somebody they can actually see.


2. Product demos

It’s a simple thing – a great majority of visitors to your site will end up buying your product after they have seen a product video.

Product demos actually increase the time visitors spend on your site and give them useful information on the product they are interested in.

It’s important for you to understand quality video content is the first interaction a visitor will have with your brand, so they feel they get benefits from the visit.


5 Powerful Ways To Use Videos To Drive Awareness, Leads & Sales

3. Video blogs

Video blogs are the base of content marketing.

However, almost the majority of people will simply skim the blog posts.

So, what do you need to do?

Well, you need to step up with the visual appeal – you need to find a way to draw a visitor into watching the whole blog post.

Written content can’t offer the same level of connection with the visitors as video blogs do.

The trick is only to make best of that advantage – the blog post needs to offer quality content, the sole fact it’s there doesn’t mean it will have the right effect.


4. Video advertisements

Video advertisements are incredibly effective Ways to use Videos and boost your sales.

In order for the video to be maximally beneficial for your business, 1 minute video is what you should strive for, making it simple but effective at the same time.

You can increase video views if you focus on a specific type your target audience looks for.

This will allow you to create targeted video content that will appeal to specific customers.

If you are a beginner in video advertisement, the safest way to start is with YouTube.

The Youtube process is very much like Adword ads.

It’s possible to have over laying ads on the top of a video.

Facebook makes it possible to connect product images and video ads and display them in the News Feed.


5 Powerful Ways To Use Videos To Drive Awareness, Leads & Sales

5. Case study video

The point of case studies is to inspire trust and demonstrate authenticity.

If they beginner in the right way, they convey emotion and showcase success.

Just as written blogs can benefit from the visual content, so can case studies with the right videos accompanying it.

According to research, 60% of visitors to a site will first watch the video and then read text.

So, video case studies have a greater chance of being watched, and not just that – they can drive sales.

The secret is in emotions – they drive our decisions.

So if the video is compelling and engaging, it’s more likely it will motivate the visitor to opt for purchase.


Final words

For you to boost your sale and leads through videos, it’s necessary to experiment.

There isn’t one solution for every type of customer and for every form of marketing.

A quality video won’t be enough – you need to get to know better your audience.

That way, your videos can be more specific and, consequently, more effective.

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