5 Things To Do Before Your Next Periscope Broadcast

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Live streaming on Periscope is quickly becoming the way of the future! You need to think on you toes, but it can be a great way to grow your blog audience. But what should you do before you even start your next scope? Here are 5 tips that are based on Periscope, but with Facebook Live going in full stream you can easily apply these tips there too.

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5 Things To Do Before Your Next Periscope Broadcast

Make Yourself A Script

This is my top thing I notice while watching other Periscope broadcasts. Most have there first couple of sentences planned out, but get lost or sidetracked and end up way off their original topic. Even though it is live you still need a plan! Trust me it goes quick and you really don’t want to be searching for your next line of thought. Or end up talking about stinky diapers when your topics was this great new recipe you just made… they DON’T go together.

Pick A Great Title

Okay this is where you need to let your personality shine, and draw them in. Pull out your salesmen hat and think about the last 5 scopes you watched. What made you click them? Was the title alluring, but didn’t give everything away?

Practice Your Introduction

As the saying goes practice makes perfect, and this have never been more true than your introduction. Give your best 15 second elevator pitch right in the beginning. Tell them who you are, where you blog, what you blog about, and why you’re scoping today (I was trying to think of a ‘when’ but nothing was coming up LOL).

Plan How Long For Scope To Last

Nobody likes a rambler! Take you’re lovely script and break it down in to sections. You do not have to be to ridged, but try to keep your scopes shorter than longer. They will start to dropping off if you get to long.

Take A Deep Breath

Seriously! Before you start take a moment and gather your thoughts, take a deep breath, and grab a sip water. You want to not be stressing out to much in the beginning, and enjoy this new form of social media.

Bonus Tip: Start sharing your broadcast way before you go live. Tweet it, post on Facebook, or even mention it on your next Instagram selfie. I would recommend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before hand. Let them know to start looking for you on Periscope.

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