KISSMIF: Toolbar PageRank is Dead and Other Social Media Tidbits

This is the third installment of KISSMIF:  Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!

Learn about Google Toolbar Page Rank being dead and what to do about it, posting on Facebook, Pinning posts on G+, and Keywords on Pinterest

The past couple of weeks there has been buzz that Google PageRank is dead, which has been what many bloggers were using as a bar to let sponsors know that they were valid blogs to support.

According to Search Land Engine, Google accidentally updated the Toolbar PageRank in December 2013, but John Mueller has now announced in this hangout at the 20:30 mark that they will not update it anymore.

So what do we now that PageRank is dead?

  • Continue to produce quality content on  your blog, and continue to do those things that improved your Google PageRank.   All those steps are still good and will increase views to your site and followers.  The larger your blog grows, the more you show that your blog is a quality site.
  • Also, all the way back to 2011, Google said you should be tracking the following three items instead of PageRank:
    –Conversion rate
    –Bounce rate
    –Clickthrough rate (CTR)You have to be able to have access to  Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools to be able to track these three items.

So the take away from this is to work on your content and getting and keeping people on your site and everything else will fall into place!

Google+ Social media news

There is news this week that Google+ is letting you pin your posts to the top of your profile and pages.  I was very excited over this news, so I went to explore.  However, I cannot pin any of my posts on my profile (yet), but I can pin my posts on my page (which I don’t really use.)  I left a comment and tagged +Ray Hiltz on the G+ post that I linked to above as he also had said he had it only on his page.  He responded right away that he now has it on his profile, so it looks like everyone will get it.  They are just starting to roll out this feature!

Pin your G+ posts to the top of your page!

Here is my G+ page where I can pin posts.

Still cannot pin my posts to the top of my profile.

I still could not pin the posts to the top of my profile as of December 8, 2014.

Social Media News about Facebook.

Kim Garst on Boom Social recently wrote a post called How to Get Facebook Likes without Paying Ads.  Holly Homer from Kids Activities Blog did a hangout with +Crystal VanTassel HERE on how to grow your Facebook page.  She posts every hour on her facebook page, but that is hard for most of us who don’t have VA’s who are assisting us.  Kim and Post Planner recommends a minimum of posting 6 times a day to your page.

Easy tips about PInterest

Keywords are big now in your Pinterest descriptions to help you get your pins seen.  Pinterest sent me an email a couple of weeks ago telling me which keywords were  hot if you you were going to promote pins.  Even if you are not going to pay to promote your pins, these keywords should help people find your pins if they are using the search tool.  Obviously, since this is dated, you would not want to use October anymore.  But that was interesting that a month would be a keyword, so maybe December would be good now.  Again, do not stuff your descriptions full of keywords.  Pick 2 or 3 and use them in a conversational, descriptive manner without using hashtags.

Pinterest says to do the following:

Copy these one-by-one and paste them into your keywords list:

christmas theme
baseball party
disney costumes
christmas traditions ideas
christmas traditions ideas
harry potter party
glow in the dark party ideas
mickey mouse party
let it snow
christmas ideas
fall decorating
diy costume

Stay tuned for more Social Media News!

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