4 Smart Reasons to Link Up Your Old Blog Posts

4 Smart Reasons to Link Up Your Old Blog Posts

It’s easy to forget about old posts, especially those from several years back. But old content can actually be very useful in bringing more traffic to your blog. Besides promoting old posts periodically on your social media, one of the most effective ways to have your old posts work for you is to link them to your new material.

4 Smart Reasons to Link Up Your Old Blog Posts

Here’s why:

The content is still relevant. If you’re writing a blog post today about quiche and you have a recipe from two years ago for breakfast casserole, link to the original post in an authentic way. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It will improve your new post and send traffic (and possibly tweets and pins and shares) to the old one.

Your readership is always changing. Someone who just subscribed to your blog last week, probably hasn’t read your older posts. So whenever you can find ways to bring old content to their attention.

Keywords will help your ranking. Old posts contain keywords that are important to your site. Linking to those old posts will help improve your ranking for those search terms.

Links help Google. Linking within your own blog helps Google’s “spiders” crawl through your site more easily. Helping Google helps you.

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