Reachli – A Must Have For Business/Blog Pinterest Users

Reachli A Must Have For Business and Blog Pinterest UsersIt should be no surprise that Pinterest is quickly becoming a must have social media tool for any small business or blog.

We have had many posts about Pinterest recently because it is the number one referral to our blog.

As great as Pinterest is it does lack in one area – social metrics.

Pinterest only gives you very basic information; how many pins/boards you have, how many people liked or repinned one of your pins and how many people you follow/followers of yours.

This is very limited information when you are trying to figure out important information such as reach (how many people saw your pin vs how many clicked/repinned etc.)

Reachli fills in the blanks where Pinterest is lacking.

To use Reachli you create ‘campaigns’ these campaigns are a photo representation of your post or page.

For example I uploaded the following pin through Reachli which represents our post on How To Schedule A Status Update On Facebook.

Reachli Statistics on TOTS Post

As you can see Reachli takes a snapshot of that pins activity. Since 8 days ago we have reached over 3000 people with out image and 164 people have clicked on the pin and have reached  TOTS. Since we averaged around 100 views a day before we started utilizing Pinterest these numbers are huge.

Reachli really becomes useful the more you add campaigns. You can see a side by side comparison of which pins garner the most clicks and repins. You can add multiple campaigns of the same post but with different images. Does the type of image you create affect the amount of reach?

You can also create promoted posts within Reachli where you pay to have your campaigns promoted but we have not used this option.

The best part of Reachli, in my opinion, is it seamlessly integrates with Pinterest allowing your viewers to get the Pinterest experience they expect at the same time beefing up the amount of information you can obtain.

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