FREE The Quick Guide to WordPress and Pinterest eBook

FREE The Quick Guide to WordPress and Pinterest eBook

Having you been wanting to use Pinterest to expand your business but have no idea where to start? Amazon has this handy The Quick Guide to WordPress and Pinterest eBook for FREE! This ebook is great place to get your started and help survive the social media revolution

The popularity of Pinterest has taken off, many WordPress theme designs are now becoming more image focused. This means it’s now possible to find themes that actually encourage people to view your images more often. Many of these themes feature a graphic above the content snippet. You have the ability to entice visitors to individual pages based on the images you have.

You can incorporate Pinterest into your WordPress site and automate some of your social networking tasks. This allows you to draw new visitors to your site from the Pins you put up on Pinterest. It allows you to increase your follower numbers right from your site without your visitors having to leave at all. It lets you post images that you’ve published on your blog directly to your Pinterest pin-board automatically.

So, are you ready to combine the power of WordPress and Pinterest?
Let’s get started…

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