3 Easy Ways to Build Brand Awareness

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Building brand awareness does not need to be difficult or costly. Read on to see 3 easy ways to start building your brand now!

1. Start a Podcast

Podcasting has been around for a few years, but it has taken off in popularity as of late because brands and bloggers are realizing the enormous marketing potential. A podcast is an audio recording typically 20-45 minutes in length. Typically published weekly, podcast topics can vary as widely as the number of company brands and blog niches will allow. The most important thing to remember though is podcasts need to deliver something of value and interest to your listeners. Just as content is king in the blog-o-sphere, so is topic and presenter personality in the world of podcasting.

The advantage of podcasting for brands and bloggers is that your listeners receive something of value every week. If a listener likes what they see they will continue to return week after week, establishing brand loyalty and recognition. A weekly podcast gives brands ample opportunity to showcase their products, tout the benefits and reasons for purchasing said products, and allows for upselling of future products including books, courses, printables, or consulting, to name just a few.

Additional advantages of adding a podcast to your brand image include standing out from the crowd (after all not many brands are using podcasting effectively), opportunity for networking and the chance for further exposure of your brand.

The technical logistics of creating and publishing a podcast are too lengthy for this article, but a simple Google search will return plenty of sources explaining the finer points of putting a podcast together.

2. Create YouTube Videos

There are 5 main advantages to putting your brand on YouTube. The first benefit is attracting search traffic to your website. By creating relevant topics in your videos, you are adding relevant search content to your site which search engines use to drive customers to your website. The second reason for using YouTube is to increase your customer reach. Videos are yet another avenue to potentially attract new consumers and to get your brand and products in front of a larger pool of customers. Advantages number three and four are very similar, videos add a human element to your brand and humans are naturally attracted to the power of video. Using the YouTube platform, you can add a personal touch to your brand while appealing to the visual side of customers natural tendencies. Customers connect with brands better when they feel a personal connection to the product being marketed, this is most easily achieved through personal and well-designed videos. The fifth and last advantage of creating YouTube videos for brand marketing is to drive traffic to your website. Within the videos, you can give your readers specific calls to action which should always include visiting your website and downloading, purchasing, or otherwise turning into a long-term customer of your amazing brand.

3. Google Plus Hangouts on Air

If you aren’t using Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) in your brand marketing plan you are missing the boat in growing your business. In essence, Google+ HOA is a free webinar service which allows you to invite up to 10 other hosts and an unlimited number of users. You case use this platform to leverage interviews, brand question and answer sessions, new product releases and so much more. Google+ allows you to invite not only your G+ followers, but also your Facebook and Twitter followers to join in the discussion. In turn, your G+, Facebook, and Twitter followers can invite their friends and followers thereby increasing your invitation reach.

Unlike podcasting or YouTube videos, Google+ HOA allows you to have conversations and interactions with your audience.  Using HOA allows you to identify passionate customers, increase brand to consumer awareness, and empower your customers with brand knowledge.

The third benefit of Google+ HOA is that it allows for brand authority, authenticity, and transparency. HOA videos allow you to showcase your brand, highlight the people behind the brand, and further solidify the standards by which you’ve built your brand. For example, if your brand believes in giving back to the community you can highlight how exactly you are giving back to communities across the country in your HOA. This platform allows you to add personality and expertise to the brand you are building.

Each of these three platforms takes time to master and fully implement. Please do not overwhelm yourself and try them all at once. Take the time to evaluate which platforms your customers frequent the most and which ones are adding the greatest value to your marketing plan. Implement the most important platform first; then once it is mastered, re-evaluate to see if you want to or even need to add additional marketing outlets.


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