7 Top Ways To Get More Social Media Followers

If you want to grow your social media accounts then you should be actively looking for new ways to get extra followers. The more followers you get, the larger the number of people that each of your new posts will be automatically broadcast to. This is ultimately one of the primary objectives of social media and it’s what will give you a lot more reach and authority, thus ensuring that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

7 Top Ways To Get More Social Media Followers

But how do you go about growing your followers when you’re starting from humble beginnings? Read on and we’ll look at some of the best ways to do so.

7 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

1. Add People

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more followers. Simply head onto your platform of choice and then go about adding as many people as you can. What you’ll find is that a large proportion of those people you add will respond in kind and immediately add you back. It can be slow going, but it’s an almost guaranteed way to extend your reach and influence.

For example, if you set a goal of gaining 200 Twitter followers per month, that averages to about 50 per week. With this goal, you can set a target of following 75-80 people per week and engaging with one weekly Twitter chat. In this way, you can measure your progress.

2. Reshare

Retweeting, repining or resharing is one of the very best ways to get more social media followers and build your presence online. Why? Many people will either mention you and/or say thank you for sharing their content, which gets you in front of their audience.

Once again, the people you retweet, repin and reshare will often want to return the favor, and this is yet another way to get exposure to their audience too.

3. Tag Team

If you find the above strategy doesn’t work then you should try agreeing to team up with others and you can both get more social media followers. For example, you can give a shout out to your followers in exchange for someone else doing the same for you, and you both will stand to benefit.

If you have small network of friends looking to build their followers, you can always team up with each other, and share each other’s social media posts.

4. Use Smart Hashtags

Use the right hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and people will easily find your posts when they’re looking for related topics. Check what’s trending then post about that. In this way, you will be mentioned in the trending feeds on those platforms, giving you visibility to a wider audience.

5. Encourage Sharing

Some posts are simply more sharable than others. Amusing videos are always a good way to get a share or retweet, as is writing a positive review (as the company you are reviewing will often want to spread your message).

If you choose to write reviews, be sure to let the company/person know you’ve posted a review. Not only should you email them the review post, but you should also tag them on social media so they can see it. Chances are usually high that they’ll share the tagged post on their own social channels. Once again, you can grow your social media following from the additional exposure.

6. Cross Pollinate

If you have a captive audience already then make sure you leverage that opportunity. Ask your followers to connect with on your other social media channels.

For example, you can ask your blog readers to follow you on your Pinterest, ask your YouTube audience to follow you on Facebook, ask your mailing list to follow you on Twitter. When you meet customers in person, ask them to network with you on LinkedIn.

Be specific when you ask people to follow you on social media. You don’t have to simply state “follow me on social media,” you can state “follow me on Twitter” to direct people to a specific platform.

7. Build Followers

This sounds like a Catch 22, but the more followers you have the more followers you will continue to gain. The reason for this is simple: people like to join accounts that look popular. For this reason, followers beget followers and once you build up enough, it will become self-perpetuating. So keep following and sharing other people’s content!

As you may have figured out by now, you can get more social media followers, no matter where you’re starting from. You have to work at it consistently, set quantifiable goals, and track your progress and tweak as you go.





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