How to Get the Most Exposure for your Product

How to Get the Most Exposure for your ProductRecently I handled a 10,000 fan celebration on Facebook. The main part of the celebration was a massive giveaway with over 30 businesses participating. The celebration was hosted on a blog with photos/information on the company and a rafflecopter hosted prize to giveaway.

It took me many hours get set up and I learned a valuable lesson: the companies which made it easiest on me got the best posts.

Let me get things straight. I did not give any kind of preferential treatment to the companies which made my life easier. But because those giveaways were easier to post the posts had a better layout and more links.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best giveaway possible when working with a 3rd party.


3rd Party Giveaways – How to Get the Most Exposure for your Product

Write your own Bio

You know your company best. Yes, it can be awkward writing about yourself/company but you know your market. Don’t let someone else decide what they think your company is/does.

Hit the sweet Spot

Don’t make your bios too long or short. If it’s too long people will not read it and too short the reader will not get the full view of your company. One or two paragraphs is a great length.

Name your Company

Use your company’s name at every opportunity when writing your bio. This will give the poster plenty of places to interject your links which will hopefully encourage people to click and check out your website.

Label your Photos

The #1 thing I hated running the giveaway; adding the photos. There were some similar companies and everyone labeled the photos ‘logo’ or ‘duck’. Please, please, please label your photos with your business name and short description (e.g. totslabel). It will also ensure the right photo always goes with the company. Mistakes happen, do what you can to minimize them.

Show off your Best Angles

Just like how a model always knows his/her best angles you should know your companies. What products photograph best? What is your best seller? I suggest making a collage to showcase your wares and watermarking it with your logo. Photoscape and Pic Monkey both have free collage software.

Keep it Together

When you email/sent your information send everything they require in one email. Forget something? Forward the original email so the person has all of your attachments and descriptions in one place for easy access.

How to Get the Most Exposure for your Product

Have I missed any tips? Please comment below!!

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