WordPress Header Image – How to Change Them for Different Pages


The header image is a vital part of any blog so it is important to learn how to change a WordPress Header Image.

It captures attention, draws the reader in, and summarizes what your blog is about, all in one beautiful little package.

Most of the time, your header remains the same throughout your site, but sometimes you might need to change your WordPress header image on a per-post basis.

Though you could do this in the backend through code, there is a much simpler way that you can use no matter what your skill level.


The header image is a vital part of any blog so it is important to learn how to change a WordPress Header Image.

Let’s try Changing our WordPress Header Image

On The Crafty Frugaler, the header I designed for my blog was consistent throughout the entire site.

But, when I started freelance designing, I decided that I wanted to transfer my portfolio onto my blog.

I wanted this to be a standard part of the blog, but also appear as though it was a separate part of the site that freelance clients could access regardless of their interest in my blog.

I decided to do this by changing the header in this section of the site.

The best solution was to simply add a subheading – ‘Web and Graphic Design’ – to the header image I already had so the look would remain consistent.

I created a freelance page with a number of different sections – portfolio, services, and contact.

But now the question was how to get this image into that section of the site without having to change the header image of the original blog.

I did a little Googling and found a plugin just for this purpose, ‘Custom Header Extended’.

This plugin simply adds a box so that when you are editing a post or page, you can simply upload a specific header.


Custom header Images


If you want the page to have the default header image, you just leave the box alone.

You only need to upload an image when you want a header to be different than the default.

This plugin also lets you show or hide the header text with your image.

As simple as that, I had a unique wordpress header image on my site.

You can use this plugin on any post or page in your blog.

You could even have a different wordpress header image for every post if you really wanted too. Though I wouldn’t advise it.

The possibilities are endless.

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