Customer Service: What is Acceptable

Customer Service: What is Acceptable

I am a glutton for punishment.

There’s no other way to explain it. Why else would I continually give my money to a multi-national fast food burger chain which always lets me down, either with poor customer service or problems with my orders?

For as long as I can remember, I have heard people tell me “The customer is always right.”

I believe it. I live it in the two customer-service jobs I am working too.

When customer service reps argue with me about my take out orders, I wonder if they don’t understand how bad they are making their chain look. Especially in today’s day and age, with recording devices in cell phones, customer service satisfaction surveys on your receipts and other means of checking consumer happiness, why argue with a customer?

I recently had another run in with an employee at the same burger chain.

When my order was made wrong, I returned through the drive through a second time. Instead of making my food correctly, I received a bun that was burned beyond recognition. That set me off, so I went into the store, bringing my daughter with me (she’s the reason for driving through).

I asked for a manager then asked her if the staff were trying to “send me a message” about valuing me as a customer. She assured me it was a mistake.

As that issue was being dealt with, another customer service rep began questioning me about my order and how I had ordered what she punched into the computer system and telling me I received the proper order originally.

As she began being rude and belligerent, the manager stepped in and cut her off.

I received my corrected order and was accosted for a second time by the employee. Her words to me: “I’m sorry your order was made incorrectly but I KNOW WHAT YOU ORDERED,” as she rose her voice.

Irritated, frustrated and but wanting to leave, my frustration boiled over into a mini-shouting match with her which ended with my words “Yeah, argue with me some more in front of a full restaurant of potential customers. You guys know how to make paying customers feel wanted.”

Customer service is a tricky situation some time Here are some tips to help you make it right with customers.

Quality control. Know what your customer ordered and make it right. Whether it is food, clothes, custom knit toques, paying attention to the details.

If there is a mistake, fix it. A small discount goes a long way from someone walking away dissatisfied and telling people about the problems and a happy customer who recommends you despite the initial problem.

Sometimes you have to put on your “big boy pants” and let someone vent about the problems you have caused them. Yes, it sucks. But you can’t argue the a customer. You might was well just start your own hashtag #diggingmyowngrave if you start chirping back to a customer.

Pay attention to the mistakes. Track them. Is it one person? It is during the order, the preparation, shipping? When does it happen? Training your employees could be an option. Discipline or a more permanent solution. Mistakes reflect on the customer service people but to a greater extent, it reflects on you, the business owner.

Without customers, you don’t have a business. Remember that the next time you see bad customer service at your business.

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