Monetize Your Blog with Sponsored Posts

I wanted to share with you the way that I Monetize my blog, Your Modern Family.   

First off, I use Google Adsense.  If for some reason you are denied Adsense, there are other options out there (Izea, Blogher…).

Another way that I monetize my blog is by doing sponsored posts.   


monetize your blog with sponsored posts
How does this work?  

When you sign up with the sponsored posts companies (My favorite one is Social Spark), they will start to send you “leads”.  A lead is a sponsored post that is up for grabs.

So, for example, you will go to Social Spark and sign up.  They will start to send you leads. You look over the lead  and decide if you would like to take it (write about that product for money).  If you say YES, they might pick you or they might not.  If they do pick you, you have to do the post and they will pay you for it.

When you say yes to do the post, they will give you requirements for your post (post pictures of yourself using the item, mention their name 5 times in the post,  add a link to facebook, tweet it from your twitter account,  etc… whatever they tell you to do- you will know this before you say “Yes” or “No” to take the lead.)

That’s it.  They will post it for you or you will post it and share the link with them and they will pay you about a month later.   You can make a lot of money doing this!   Some posts are worth $12 and some are worth $400 or more.   Imagine doing three of those a month.   I know a blogger that does one every Friday.  She calls them her “Featured Friday” and features a sponsored post product.


  • A general rule is that it is best to only do one sponsored post for every 10 regular posts.  
  • Do not write about something that you don’t believe in.  You want your readers to know that you are promoting this because you believe in it! 
  • Negotiate: If you feel that the amount of money is not enough, you can negotiate.  I try not to do this too much, but you can definitely negotiate at any time!
  • Promote: they will be following how many times this link is clicked, so try to promote it on your social media pages (pinterest, FB, twitter…)

There are many other companies that offer sponsored posts: 

Linqia is another great one!  The sign up is very easy for this one, as well.

Also try , Sitsgirls and clever girls collective.

I hope that was helpful to you!  You can easily monetize your blog this way.    I just did a sponsored post on diapers,  honoring Veterans, and taking a vacation to Florida.  If you want to see how they look, just click on whichever post you want to see and feel free to read how I wrote my own sponsored posts.

Good luck!  Email me if you have any questions and I would be glad to help!  (Or message me on Facebook and I will respond!)


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