How to Engage Fans and Customers for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day, so there’s a lot of time to think about How to Engage Fans and Customers for Father’s Day through your business or blog.

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Father’s Day, so there’s a lot of time to think about How to Engage Fans and Customers for Father’s Day through your business or blog.

Here are some quick facts about one of America’s most important holidays and how you can use them as a springboard for creating a buzz on your blog or website.

So let’s learn How to Engage Fans and Customers for Father’s Day.


Clothing, Gift Cards, Tools and Electronics

Clothing, Gift Cards, Tools and Electronics are among the most popular gifts given; however, there is a growing trend towards custom or hand made items.

Bloggers can create helpful gift guides highlighting the year’s best products in these popular categories.

Make your posts stand out with attention-grabbing titles, attractive “Pin-worthy” graphics and by including current retail sales or coupon codes.

Hosting a giveaway of one or more of these products will create even more attention. Joining a Father’s Day themed giveaway hop will bring in more blog fans and traffic.

Businesses can generate interaction by posting a quote or meme on their Twitter or Facebook page. In the post, include a teaser about an upcoming sale or giveaway for Father’s Day.

Tell your fans when the deal will be revealed so they’ll be looking out for it.

Email newsletters with catchy titles can generate additional traffic and sales.

Include a high-quality graphic and keep your Father’s Day message brief but memorable, and be sure to include a live link for readers to click on.

Home-based businesses can capitalize on their ability to create one-of-a-kind and personalized Father’s Day gifts.

Stress that you are offering something completely unique that’s sure to win a father’s heart because of the extra thought that was put into it.


Many Families Prefer Activities to Gift-giving to Celebrate Father’s Day

Bloggers can post about how to enjoy the day as a family with frugal but meaningful activities like picnics, barbeques or flag football in the park.

If you have a recipe that’s a typically a big hit with guys, share it on your blog with a catchy title like “What to Cook for Your Dad on Father’s Day.”

This is a great example of how to engage fans and customers on Father’s Day.

Businesses can reach fans who aren’t interested in buying gifts by linking up to Father’s Day related content on blogs or humor sites.

Just for fun, invite fans to share photos of how they celebrate the day, or ask fathers to recall an especially memorable Father’s Day.

Business put a lot of energy to determine how to engage fans and customers for Father’s Day.

If your budget allows, say “thanks” to all your fans (and get some new ones) by giving away a prize of some sort.

It could be from your business, or perhaps a gift card to a nationwide restaurant chain or retail store.


Nearly One-third of Consumers aren’t just Honoring their own Dad

They are also women who want to do something special for their husbands on Father’s Day.

Mommy bloggers could share a meaningful story about their husband.

It could be as simple as a photo of the day he became a father and a short caption.

Or perhaps a long overdue tribute to his amazing skills as a dad. Share on social media with hashtags like #FathersDay and #daddy and #fatheroftheyear.

Businesses can catch the interest of women by posting a fun Father’s Day question via social media.

Some examples: “What makes your husband such an awesome father?” or “If you could design a shirt for the father of your child/children, what would it say?”

Always remember that when it comes to social media, it’s not all about sales or going viral.

Any type of interaction that drives traffic back to your blog or website is beneficial. An engaged audience is a captive audience.

And a captive audience is more likely to return later for more.

Ultimately, it’s just plain nice for everyone to acknowledge the important role that fathers play in our lives, and to tell them “thank you.”

I hope that you all have a wonderful time planning and celebrating Father’s Day!

If you have some social media and blogging tips to share for this occasion, I’d love to hear them.

What is your approach to How to Engage Fans and Customers for Father’s Day

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