How to Increase Your Customer Service Ratings

To Increase Your Customer Service Ratings and building your brand entails building a strong relationship with your customers.

It’s one thing to acquire new customers, but it’s another to have a loyal customer base.

Your customer service shouldn’t end when your customer has already received the product.

You should also see to it that your after-sales customer service is top-notch. This is just one way for you to increase your customer service ratings.

It’s important that you pay attention to these ratings as this can be a basis for prospective buyers to purchase your products.

The fact that you take your time to give excellent customer service is a good telling sign of how you manage your business.

Aside from focusing on after-sales customer service, there are many ways to further improve this area of your business.

Here are some of them.

Increase Your Customer Service Ratings

Have your lines open for communication

Customers would want sellers to be available whenever they have any complaints or any issues with the product they’ve bought.

You’ve been a customer before, too.

Wouldn’t it frustrate you if a seller doesn’t provide any way for you to reach them?

It’s even more frustrating, especially if there’s something wrong with the product.

With that in mind, you always have to keep your lines open for communication.

While this might not be possible if you just have a personal phone number as your contact number since it’s not given that you will be able to answer calls any time, a Cisco VoIP phone system is the best solution to this problem.

With it, you can give access to anyone in your team and have someone answer the calls or messages anytime.

You won’t have to keep your customers waiting because there will always be someone available on your end.

Be open to customer feedback

Customer feedback is an important aspect of your business because it’s how you will know how your customers think about your products or services.

You can get both negative and positive feedback. After all, you can’t please every customer.

However, you must be open to all types of feedback and make sure that you take note of these for future improvements.

Prioritize your customers

Whenever you receive negative feedback, it’s understandable that you focus on the issue that was brought up by the customer.

However, the key to getting higher customer feedback is to focus not just on the issue itself, but on the customer instead.

Instead of just trying to resolve the issue, you should see to it that you connect with your customers and make them feel like you understand what they’re trying to say.

Send personalized replies

Automated replies can save you a ton of time.

However, if your goal is to increase your customer satisfaction, you have to go beyond these generic replies.

You can set-up your automation to use the customer’s first name instead of a generic greeting.

“Hello, Jane!” always appeal better compared to just a “Hello!”

If you can set-up your emails to be sent in the customer’s native language, then that would work, as well.

The more personalized your messages are, the more likely it is that your customer would feel valued.

Reward loyal customers

Getting new customers is one thing, but having a loyal following is another.

These are the customers who have tried your products and services and were satisfied with how it performed.

At this point, it doesn’t have to take much effort to please these customers.

You can simply reward them with a loyalty program or give some freebies the next time they purchase your products or avail of your services.

Their feedback, however, would be very much valuable to you as it will greatly reflect on how you take care of your customers.

Give out discounts

If there’s anything customers love about shopping, it’s the discounts.

Giving out discounts for first purchases, bulk orders, or birthdays can definitely boost your customer service ratings.

You can also give it as part of your customer loyalty program.

If your customers have encountered something negative about your products or services, then you can also offer discounts as a way to compensate for the troubles these have cost them.


Customer service ratings are important regardless of the field or industry that you’re working in.

If there’s anything that you should prioritize in your business, it would have to be how your customers respond to the products you offer.

The ways listed above are six easy but simple ways on how you can significantly increase your business’ customer service ratings.

Your efforts in making sure that your customers are satisfied will pay off in the end!

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