How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Update Inventory

I have mentioned in previous posts about using the Amazon Seller App, I am a big fan. So let’s look at How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Update Inventory.

This app is free, very helpful and continually developing more features.

One of the best features of selling on Amazon is the ability to set the price of your items to whatever you want and the ease of changing that price at will.

It can take  several minutes to log into your seller central account and search through your inventory to make a price adjustment.

If you are doing this with several items, those minutes will add up quickly!

How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Update Inventory

I prefer to edit my inventory prices via the Amazon Seller App because it is quick and easy to do so.

To access your inventory bring down the drop menu from the home page.

inventory 1

inventory 2

From here you will choose the Inventory line and taken to your inventory page.

Once there you will see your in-stock inventory listed from new to old. (You can change the way your inventory is listed by using the filter button at the bottom of the screen).

And when looking for something specific use the search bar at the top, or even scan the barcode.

inventory 3

If you click on an item from your inventory list, the details will be shown.

From here you can edit the price, see the current low price and product rank.

inventory 4If I have an item I am trying to sell quickly and notice I am no longer the seller with the lowest price, I can change that price instantly, from wherever I am.

Or, maybe I am out shopping and come across an item already in my inventory.

This is something selling well for me and I can quickly check using the Amazon Seller App.

Finally, I cannot wait to see which great new features will be next with this app, how about you?

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