How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest

How To Make a Vertical Pin Knowing the perfect Pinterest Pin size and using it to stand out among all the other pins becomes increasingly important, in my opinion, as Pinterest continues to grow in popularity. Your single photo pins will get lost in the shuffle.  Larger pins with multiple photos might get noticed more in your main feed and repinned more often. When in doubt, start with 736 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high.

  • With the right design, it stands out nicely in the stream of pins.
  • When opened, it fills the maximum width and isn’t too long.
  • It looks great on mobile screens like the iPhone.

A great and free way to build these types of pins is through Pic Monkey. Log onto and pick Collage.  You will then pick the photos you will use in your collage, by uploading them.

How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest

Pick the option Create Your Own option for the photo layout.

How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest

Grab the photo you want on the top of your pin and drag over to the box to the right and drop it to load.   Then pick your second photo and drag it just below the first photo and in the corner and you will see a thin rectangular shaped box open up and drop your second photo there. You can add as many photos as you like this way.

How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest

You will want to add a header with a title and/or description of your pin.  Pick the swatch that compliments your photos color and style. Grab your selection and drag it to the top your photos.  A thin rectangle will pop up and that is when you will drop the selection. Thin the size by moving curser to the side of your photos and thin your phots to the size you desire. Click on the Edit button on top, a window will open asking you if you are Ready to send this collage to the Editor for text, overlays and more?  Pick open in Editor.

How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest - Place text on your header

Click on Add Text.  Pick a text that you like and position the text box over header.  Adjust text size and center in your header.  Then save your image. When you add your pin to pinterest you need to link it to your website.  Upload your pin and pin it then click the edit button.  Once it opens you will have a place to add your source.  Place the URL to your pin here and save.

How To Create Vertical Pin for Pinterest - How to add your URL to a uploaded pin not from your website


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