KISS MIF: Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun! Installment 2

This is our second edition of KISSMIF where I share some tidbits about social media and blogging information that is new or just interesting to me!

KISSMIF:  Keep It simple, social media is fun

You can find Installment #1 of KISSMIF HERE.  We shared tips about sharing on Facebook, new algorithm changes on Pinterest, and the new social media TSU.

Here’s an infographic that Tsunami Central shared on Tsu the other day.  It is from a study done by Ipsos, but I couldn’t find where the original source was.  infographic about the most popular shared content

Try this out and see if the study is correct in your case!  In social media, you always have to do what works for you, but it is always great to see what is working for others as well!

Talking about  . . .tsu!

I watched a google hangout with +Ray Hiltz and the first 15 mintues was what his lunch buddies thought about TSU.   It was rather interesting and a little informative.  You can watch the hangout HEREbut just a warning:  a couple of words that were used  I don’t use used.   You can join TSU and be a part of my family if you want by using the link HERE.

In this lunch hangout that Ray Hiltz does every week, the participants talk about a hot topic for the first 15 minute (last week was TSU),  and then they end with a tip or some information they find very helpful called The Doggy Bag.  One of the tips was an article about . . .

Social Media News about Facebook.

On the hangout, an article was shared called Is Facebook Dead?  5 Reasons to Ignore the Hype and Stake Your Claim!  I thought this was an excellent article showing how Facebook is still very relevant today and should be utilized as much as possible.

Also on Facebook, I am having fun saving posts to share later.   You don’t want to share post after post on your page or you will lose followers.  Sometimes I don’t want to take the time to schedule the share or I want to share right from the Facebook post and not copy the URL, so I just “save” it to my favorites.  You click the arrow down button on the right hand corner of the post and click on “Save . . . “.

saving facebook posts

Saved posts on FacebookYour Saved bookmark is over on the left hand side of Facebook where all your pages and groups are.  I clicked on Apps and had them save my “Saved” app to my Favorites.  So now it at the bottom of my Favorites.  You know you can rearrange all your Favorites too, right?  You hover over a page or group that you have saved to your Favorites list, click on the gear symbol to the left, click “rearrange”, and then drag the saved groups/interests/apps to the order you like.  Then click on “DONE” on the bottom of  the list.  I have my page at the top, then the groups I started, then the groups I participate the most at the top of my list.

Easy tips about PInterest

You may already know this, but if you want to find out what pins of yours a have been pinned recently on Pinterest, then just type this into your browser window:

So mine looks like:

This is helpful to know which pins of yours are being re-pinned right now and who is pinning them.  Or you can use Viraltag or some other source to schedule out some re-pins right from that source window.

An Interesting Blogging Tidbit:

If you  have Amazon Prime, they will now backup all your photos for FREE.  No maximum amount of space!  I was wondering if I should buy another external hard drive or pay a monthly subscription to a service like Dropbox, but if I back up my photos to Amazon’s Cloud, then the rest of my documents can fit on the hard drive I have now.  I already back up my blog to Amazon S3.

Here is what my email said:

So cool!  Now you can back up all your photos with Amazon Prime for Free!

Just go HERE, and you will log in and get started!  Here’s another great reason to do Amazon Prime.

Storing photos with Amazon Prime is so easy!

 If you have found any interesting social media news that you think I should share on these KISSMIF posts, then you can leave a comment or email me at [email protected](dot)com.  Thank you!

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