5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic With Pinterest

5 Ways In Increase Traffic

I was watching the Dr. Oz show and was surprised to see on TV this huge Pinterest board that was being featured. I could clearly see that the pins focussed on recipes that were simple, healthy and easy to make. For me, being a big fan of Pinterest, this brought a big smile to my face.

Pinterest isn’t just a social network, it’s becoming a part of our daily lives. I’m hearing from more and more people that they are using Pinterest to search for information instead of Google. Whether it’s about finding the right recipe, finding toys for boys, or ideas for birthday parties, it seems that Pinterest is packing in a lot of information, and they do it all in a digestible and visual manner.

With over 70 million users and growing, I’m sure you would love to know how to get more traffic to your site. Whether it’s for your blog or your business, there are ways to use Pinterest to help increase your traffic. Here are five dynamic ways to drive traffic to your site with the social network.

1)      Link Your Website To Pins You Share

When you upload a pin or repin a pin to your Pinterst account, you have the option of editing the url of where the pin leads to once they’ve been clicked on. Using the desktop version of Pinterest all you need to do is click on the pencil icon on the top right of a pin, and a pop up that looks like the bottom picture will show up. You can change the url in the source box.

Editing the URL of a PinThe great thing is that you can do this with any photo of yours that you upload onto Pinterest. If you have photos of yourself at events, then have them link back to your website. Have an e-book that you’re trying to promote? Have that lead back to a newsletter sign up page.

2)      Add Your Website To Your Pin’s Descriptions


When you add your website to your pin’s descriptions, these descriptions become clickable on the desktop versions of Pinterest. This allows you to drive back traffic to your site when people are using the desktop version.

Here’s an example of a pin used by Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting.

One thing to be aware about on the desktop version, the url of a long website gets cut off and shortened for viewers. However, if you have a very long url that you want to use, this will fully show up on pin descriptions for mobile versions of Pinterest.

Long urls can look very ugly in pin descriptions. My suggestion is to just use your main site in your descriptions without using www.


3)      Get Rich Pins For Your Site

Rich Pins for Articles

Depending on the nature of your website, I highly encourage you to get rich pins. Rich pins are pins that offer additional information to a user of Pinterest that are determined by the people who control the website from which a pin comes from.

Descriptions of pins can always be changed by another Pinterest user. But rich pin information can only be changed by people who operate the website in which a pin originates from.

There are rich pins for recipes, online articles, places, movies and products.

  To the right is a rich pin for article example from Thinking Outside the Sandbox, for their article, How to Photograph Outdoor Sports.

One of the great advantages of having rich pins for articles is that the pins stand out in desktop versions of Pinterest feed because of the bolded titles. The meta description is also prevalent near the bottom of the pin once the pin has been clicked on.

And on the iPad version, rich pins for articles will have a nice “Read this on…” button as well.

My Trio Rings, an online jewelry commerce store, added rich pins for products, and noticed that their impressions as well as clicks for their pins increased by sevenfold according to an article by Sprout Social.

To find out more about rich pins for your website, you can read all about it on Pinterest’s business page.

4)      Join a Relevant Group Board

Are you new to Pinterest and want to get as much reach and traffic to your site as possible? Consider joining a relevant group board.

A group board is a Pinterest board that has more than one contributor. They’re easily identifiable by the little grey people at the top of the corner of a Pinterest board. And while one of your boards may only have 100 followers and expose your pins to those 100, a well-established and well maintained group board can easily expose your pins to 100 times as many people.

Here’s an example of one by created by HappyGoLikcy Custom Silver Jewellery that focuses on handmade crafts sold on Etsy.

HappyGoLicky Group Board Pinterest

In order to join a group board, a person within the group must invite you. Some group boards will also have instructions on how to join, but not all group boards will have that option though and will require an invite.

To find group boards, I suggest searching for Pinterest accounts that have similar interests as yours. As you start to scan through their boards, you’re almost guaranteed to find one where someone is a member of a group board that’s relevant to you. TOTS has created one for Business and Blogging moms.

In the case you can’t find one, I strongly encourage you to be leader in your industry and to start a Pinterest group board of your own.

5)      Make Your Pins and Boards Easily Found

One of the most common activities I see people do on Pinterest when they are starting off  is to search for pins that they may be interested. They’ll use the search function box to look for topics such as books to read in your 20s, kids  lunch ideas for school, or funny quotes.

Search Terms for Pinterest

Whatever it may be that they’re searching for, learning to optimize your pins and boards for search results within Pinterest is a vital aspect in driving new visitors to your website.

While you may be tempted in creating board names or pins with elegant names such as, “Fast   and Furious Meals,” users on Pinterest are not searching for them. Instead they’re looking for boards and pins that are “30 Minute Meals” or “30 Minute Recipes.”

To find out what people are searching for, go to the desktop version of Pinterest and use the  search box on the top left corner. Start typing a word that you believe your audience is  searching.

If your business has a strong focus on Valentine’s Day, then start typing in the word Valentine’s  to see what people are searching. When I typed in Valentine’s these were the suggestions that popped up.

Ensure that you’re using those words, and words that your readers, or customers are looking for  in the descriptions of your pins, as well as the board names and their descriptions as well.

Those five dynamic tips about Pinterst will help drive more and new traffic to your site. Do you have a wonderful tip for driving more traffic from Pinterest back to a website? Please share.

Author Bio:

Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the creator of the Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint. He is a fanatic about social media and digital marketing, and can often be found pinning creative ads on his Pinterest account. Download his free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines.

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