Birth of a Blog: Scheduling Posts

One reason that I gave myself three months before my blog launch was that I wanted a solid supply of posts already written and ready to begin scheduling posts.

Birth of a Blog: Scheduling Posts

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With my previous blog, I was always struggling to write a post the day before or even day of, and I only posted once a week.

The new blog will have a post every weekday.

I thought I’d be very comfortable with about 90 posts under my belt, so with three months, I could write one a day.

Ha. Did I write one a day?

I did not.

But I do have the first month ready to go and have started filling in the second month.

I’m pretty comfortable with that.

I’ve also adopted practices that make me more confident about having the content ready when I need it.

Here’s what I’m doing:


Having one  theme per day allows me to have something to rite towards but keep things fresh.

It also helps me to organize my posts by having a different theme each day:

Mondays are a surprise to readers, but Tuesdays are interviews and guest posts, Wednesdays are “our story” [personal stories about how we are trying to shake free of our mortgage, which is the theme of the blog], Thursdays are “Tinker’s Toolbox” about acquiring tools and learning to use them, and Fridays are book reviews.

Looking at a whole month that needs to be full of posts is daunting; thinking, “Ok, I just need 4 book reviews, 4 interviews, etc” is a lot more manageable.

Doing this has helped me so much, especially as I go to fill in the…


Who’d have thought that a simple thing like buying a planner could make such a difference?

But filling in what post I have planned for each day and whether it is ready to go or not has been incredibly helpful.

Now I can tell at a glance how many more I need to do and what kind I need based on the day.

It’s so satisfying to look at a full month with everything checked off. I hope to make it a proper editorial calendar soon with themes for months and seasons.

I think this will help focus my posts even more.


I mentioned that Tuesdays will be interviews and guest posts.

I don’t know why I didn’t do these for my first blog, but it has been my favorite new thing.

It’s awesome on a personal level as I interview other people who have built houses and/or gotten rid of their mortgage; I’ve learned so much and been so encouraged as I’ve met new people this way.

Having had a small business has greatly increased my confidence when approaching interesting people for interviews, and I’ve had a great response so far.

I’ve tried to get a mix of people new to my niche–personal friends or local people who have built houses–and people already known to the online community.

I’m very excited to share their thoughts and stories.


How do you manage scheduling posts for your blog?

Do you find it difficult to come up with enough new content?


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