How to use Pinterest to grow your blog

How Pinterest Has Helped My Blog To Grow I love Pinterest.  It has grown my blog, Your Modern Family, tremendously!  In the first month of pinning my article on How you can afford to become a stay at home Mom on one Income,  and Potty Train in a Weekend, I had 4,000 new visitors!  I am now getting over 4,000 views every day and over 125,000 views a month.  That number has remained consistent.  My posts are pinned an re-pinned.  I get new Pinterest followers daily and they share my webpage with their followers.  I am going to share my five best secrets with you on how to use Pinterest to grow your blog:

1)  Go for an outstanding description!  Use a great description with your pins!  Which would you rather read: Cookie Recipe” or  “Amazing cookie recipe!  This is the best!  Its easy to make and… wow!!!”    Which one are you going to click on?

2)  Make sure that you have your picture the right size.  If you have a tiny picture, it is not going to ‘show well’ on Pinterest.  I like to use the size 450 X 450.

3)  Pin it to several boards.  I have a really popular board called I Like This Idea and it gets the most followers, but I also have a few people that follow my Money-Saving board or my Fun for the Kids board instead.  What if I only pinned this to I Like This Idea?  The Money-Saving board followers would not have seen it.  Pin it to all categories that match your post and make more boards if you have to!

4)  Pin it a few times a day.  I like to pin my new articles once in the morning and once at night.  I know some people only get on before they go to work and some only get on when the kids are asleep.  Try to be sure that they both get to see it.

5)  Re-pin your favorite posts after a month or so.  I pin my best posts about once a month.  If that post starts to die down on traffic, I just re-pin it and watch the traffic rise all over again!

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Update: Since writing my ebook, Potty Train in a Weekend, my visits have increased again.  I give thanks to Pinterest for the traffic, as well!  It is a free way to promote your posts and e-books for free!

Potty Train in a Weekend

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