A REAL Mom’s Relaxation Tips

Here are a few REAL tips that can help you relax, no matter what you are juggling (chainsaws?) And, I promise, it won’t include ‘take some time for yourself’. Who has time for that!?!?!?!

I am the mom of 4 crazy {fun} boys, aged seven and under, including one with autism. I am also busy running Bundles and Buzz and TOTS. My life in insane, to say the least. Did I mention I work part time as a registered nurse?

Recently I have gotten the following question frequently. “How do you do it? You look so calm”

Tip 1: Get back to nature. We live in the beautiful lower mainland of BC, Canada and it gets cold. Not as cold as my friends in Flin Flon, MB (yes that is a real place). And it rains, a lot. But getting outside more has been proven to decrease stress and clear the head. Not just for us moms, but for the kids as well. Even a 5 minute walk, or hanging on your covered deck blowing bubbles. Rain gear is priceless.


Tip 2: Burn their energy. Believe me, I know,  some days the idea of getting them all out of the house seems daunting, but in reality, they need out! Take them to an indoor playplace, a park (weather permitting) or one of our favourite places, Toys R Us! Movement and a change of scenery will pay you back in spades. After a good outing, my kids tend to give me a small break when we return home.

Tip 3: Drop the shoulders. I have found recently that my shoulders seem to always be up, like I am getting ready to reprimand someone. I have made it my focus to keep them down. Breathe and relax the shoulders. It will calm your whole body.

Tip 4: This is not my tip, but one borrowed from Annalise at Sweet Anna’s (she has four kids, including three little ones really close in age and is a GREAT blogging mom and friend of mine). When your kids are driving you nuts, strap em in! Now this only works for little ones who don’t mind the car, like mine and Annalise’s. Get them all in the car and go for a drive. It doesn’t matter where, just drive. Knowing the kids are (temporarily) in one spot and not causing any trouble is priceless. You *might* even get a chance to turn up some adult music for a few minutes.

Tip 5: Get together with another mom. Someone suggested recently that I should trade some childcare with another mom to get some alone time. But lets face it, what mom, in their right mind, wants FOUR MORE KIDS? This may work for a mom of 1-2 and I would highly suggest this. It won’t work for me. So what do I do? Invite another mom over. I get together about once a week with another mom of little ones and the house goes CRAZY. Like noisy, rowdy, insane, Kraft Dinner flying all over the house, CRAZY. But, crazy together is easier that a little less crazy alone. Hear me? It works.

Tip 6: If someone offers to help, take it. I have a grandma age friend who offered to come over and help me organize after our recent move. I didn’t hesitate for a moment. ABSOLUTELY!

Tip 7: Delegate. If you are running your own business and can afford to do so, share some of the work. Many SAHMs are happy to help manage a business facebook page for store credit, or minimal pay or do some graphic design work. A local mom may be able to print shipping labels while their little ones nap. Share the work. This may be worth it for you, maybe not.


I’m going to end with this, this is just the beginning. Take the time to think about ways to relax. None of these may work for you, but at least brainstorm about what does work for you.

Please comment below with how you relax.


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