Working at Home as a Writer – With Upfront Pay – Part 1

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If you want to start to work at home as a writer, there are tremendous opportunities out there for you.

This will be a multi-part series since there are so many jobs out there.




About hires guides as well as topic writers.

Guides are paid per article, but the rate is very good.

Though, it will depend on what your topic is.

Topic writers are also paid per article for the first two years and then are paid per article plus page view compensation.

This is ideal for people that work at home as a writer.

Guides and topic writers are paid once a month.

To apply with them, you apply to your field of expertise category.

You may be required to have some educational background for certain categories while others will just require first-hand knowledge of the category.

As part of the application process, you need to provide them with a sample article which is relative to the category you are applying for.

If hired, there is a training program you will go through that is about a month long.

However, you are not paid for this training.



Article Sale

If you have heard of Constant Content for people that work at home as a writer, Article Sale is similar to them.

It may not be as popular as CC, but it is much easier to use.

You are not paid for each article you write and list for sale on the site.

You get paid when your article is purchased by a buyer.

If one of your articles is purchased, you are paid through PayPal.

Also, when you sell an article, you sell the full rights to the buyer so your name won’t appear as the article author.

You can pretty much write articles on any topic you wish and the more articles you have posted on the site, the better chance you have at selling them.


Blog Mutt

Blog Mutt started up in 2010 as a business for people to work at home as a writer by Wade Green and Scott Yates.

Their website offers a different model for writers than many of the other sites.

Once you have made an account with them, you have access to the pages of the current customers.

These pages will tell you things like what keywords they require, what they are specifically looking for as well as a link to their website.

You can also see what posts the customer has approved and which ones they have rejected.

When you write articles for them, you send them directly to the customer so there are no editors with this company.

After you submit an article to the customer, it sits in their queue, which may be empty or very full.

However, it rarely takes longer than a week for a customer to review your article.

The customer will either accept your article, ask for revisions or reject it altogether.

You are paid $8 for each article the customer accepts and are paid by PayPal every Monday.

You can find the other 4 parts here Part 2 with 4 optionsPart 3 with 5 optionsPart 4 with 4 options, and Part 5 with 6 options. 


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