How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely

Moms are more mobile than they’ve ever been before so it’s important to learn How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely.

We all are.

Moms are more mobile than they’ve ever been before so it's important to learn How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely.

The number of Moms are working from remote locations is on the up

As the economy trends towards more of us performing information work, the ability to work whoever we are rises with it.

Employers want engaged, high performing teams and to get them, they are prepared to recognize that, as working moms return to the job market, what they need is flexibility in their working practices, to reflect the challenges of being a working mom.

Moms are working from home in line with the rest of the population and face similar challenges. How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely

The number of telecommuters in the US has risen from 9m in 1995 to 37m in 2015.

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Of course, employees working remotely still need the support of their IT teams and managers to succeed.

Critical to feeling comfortable to work at home is a sense of safety.

Here are some simple tips, on practical steps you can take, to maintain a secure technology environment when you’re out of the office and working.


First! Secure your mobile phone!

If there’s one thing to take care of, before you do anything else it’s securing your mobile phone.

Your current smartphone is a mini computer which operates in much the same way as the best surveillance equipment employed by the NSA.

The cost of the phone and data plan get cheaper every year.

It’s the value of the information stored on them which rises with every year, creating an incentive for hackers in the virtual and opportunist thieves in the physical world to steal it.

When you’re working remotely, the chances of your phone being lost or stolen rise dramatically.

Set a password on your mobile phone:

  • Passwords take seconds to implement, and are the most basic and effective security component responsible phone ownership. With fingerprint scanners and facial recognition, there is every reason to add one if you don’t already use it.

Find my iPhone:

  • You’ll need to get in to settings on your iPhone to enable this one but it’s worth the trip. Every Apple mobile product is shipped with a ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. If your device is lost or stolen, FindmyiPhone will show you it’s location on a map and play sound to help you locate it.

Encrypt contents:

  • Another feature you’ll find in the settings section of either an iPhone or Android device is ‘encrypt contents’. Encrypting the contents of your phone means that even if it’s stolen and the chips inside it are hacked, the people trying to steal your company information cannot. Encryption does slow the phone down (files have to be decrypted before they’re used). but if you have sensitive commercial information on your phone you should encrypt the contents.

Security can be the opposite of convenience in some circumstances.

Using any of these security options take some time and will slow the device.

It makes sense for the company to pay for a phone for business use to control the device.

Now you are learning How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely.


Antivirus software for your laptop

Most reputable app providers (the likes of Trend Micro, AVG, Kaspersky Labs and Norton) provide mobile device antivirus software, deliver them as part of a bundle.

The same license will cover you for a laptop, your mobile and other devices like tablets, too.

How Moms Can Maintain Security When Working Remotely. Wannacry is just one of the viruses which all of the major antivirus software providers track.

Install mobile antivirus software on your phone to secure its contents.

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Total cost is typically low (be sub $100 per user per year,) to cover all of those corporate assets.

All of these providers track major viruses as they are released (for example ‘wannacry’, which brought down the UK’s NHS)


Install and use a Virtual Private Network: VPN

A Virtual Private Network offers you an encrypted connection to your Corporate LAN, over the internet.

Your IT department will almost certainly have a VPN partner they can recommend to use it before you logon.

You must be equipped with a timestamped password ‘dongle’.

So many software packages offer VPN connectivity, but the most popular for small businesses is Microsoft’s SBS – Small Business Server.


Bringing it all together

People are usually the weakest link in any security chain.

The trend towards Bring Your Own Device to work and increase in the number of people looking for flexible working practices means there are more points of failure, too.

In fact, software solutions exist for these basic remote working needs and are designed for non-technical users.

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