Don’t Waste Money On Business Cards



It happens to the best of us. We design and order hundreds of business cards only to be stuck with a near-full box at the end of the year.

Don’t waste money on business cards! Here are a few ways to avoid wasting money if you’re planning to buy cards.


Don’t Waste Money On Business Cards

Make Them Original

It’s better to have 50 knock-out, custom designed cards that cost more money, than 500 generics that you picked up at a discount printing website.

You’ll love them more, and be motivated to share them more. And because the price tag was higher, there will be yet another incentive for you to be proactive about handing them out.

Original designs help market your business better because they reflect you.

If you have a logo, use it and avoid clip art.

A generic card doesn’t attract much attention, doesn’t look as professional, and is likely to end up in the trash.

Thicker paper feels nicer and will last longer in someone’s wallet.


Make Them Interactive

Don’t limit your card to contact information.

Use that small space wisely and only include absolutely necessary details.

Take advantage of the extra space to encourage some interaction from potential clients. Examples:

“Follow us on Twitter and receive a 20% coupon back”
“Use code CARD2016 to get a free gift with your purchase”
“Five percent of every sale goes to the Red Cross”
“60% of our business is from word-of-mouth referrals”
“One out of three women says she’s ready for a new hair style”

Make Them Personal

Before sharing a card, write a quite note of thanks or greeting on the back.

Or personalize it for your potential customer by handwriting information that’s useful to them but not printed on every card: “Kids haircuts are half price on Fridays.”

Try a gimmick like folding it in half and then smoothing it out again, telling your client “The crease is to remember me by.”

Make the exchange two-way and your client will be more likely to keep the relationship going. “Can I jot your email address down?” or “What’s the most important thing you look for in a realtor?”


Make Them Desirable

Don’t hand out cards to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Someone is much more likely to keep and use your business card if he actually wants it.

So wait until some type of rapport is established before offering one.

Many people will even ask you for a card. If there doesn’t seem to be any interest, then keep your cards to yourself.

Did you buy cards for your small business or blog?

Do you feel like they were a good investment?

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