Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

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Simple Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas…

Valentine’s Day for business is more than just fluffy hearts and red roses. If you’re trying to find a way to generate more sales and brand loyalty this Valentine’s Day, how about doing it in a fun way! Here’s a few ways that worked for us to show your customers how much you care while building your business.

Use social media to share the love. Express your gratitude for their business. We have done this by sending private messages but we have also posted statements on our wall doing something similar. Personally I am partial to good old-fashioned snail mail, as there is nothing better than receiving kind words in the mail. But that’s just me. Obviously, if you have 8000 followers, a personal letter to each person just wouldn’t be possible. However, you do it, just show some appreciation.

Hold a contest and get your fans/followers/customers involved. A nice little prize wouldn’t hurt either. Or maybe a few smaller prizes with the “grand prize” drawn on February 14th. Encouraging your customers to enter this contest, almost ensures that they will have to drop by your store or visit your website at least once or twice. Chocolate is always a favorite.

Whether you have a brick and mortar location or just an online store. Decorate it a little. Jazz it up and make it fun! I guarantee that not only will it make your customers smile when then stop by but your staff will also enjoy it. A few nicely placed hearts and balloons and a couple streamers will to the trick.

Offer some sort of promotion. It could be a gift with purchase or a percent off any merchandise with the color red on it. We have done something like this by giving away chocolates at one of our events. We also have done a two for one type deal and our customers really responded to that. I think the only thing customers like more than delicious chocolate are great deals!

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, just try to be genuine. And have fun! We sure did.

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