What Do You Offer Your Employees? How To Get Employee Satisfaction.

A lot of people need money and therefore they work. It sounds pretty basic right?

You go to work, you do your job, and you get paid. But realistically that’s not all there is to it.

If you are a manager or owner you also need to think about employee retention.

What Do You Offer Your Employees?

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What keeps your employees at their job?

After a few bad days both my husband and I can say we’ve thought of our jobs. Are we at the right places for us? He works for a small company. There are five people who work at his location. Due to the tight-knit environment it is not hard to keep everyone happy. I have two jobs. I work for a family owned and operated business where there are nine of us (owners included).  I am also on the board of directors at my local daycare. The daycare has up to twenty if you include all the casual staff. How do any of these three manage to retain employees? It is more than just a paycheck – I can say that much for sure.

Each of these places offer employee benefits, holidays and good wages. But what keeps us where we are? What keeps us wanting to come back to work? Our employers do what they can to keep the environment drama free. They do things to make us know we are appreciated. In my position my boss can be a bit flexible with my schedule. If something comes up and I need to miss a day due a sick child they will be okay. Or if I need to take a late lunch for some reason they know I’ll make it up. My husband’s just isn’t as flexible with his hours (as there are not as many staff who can cover), but his pay is also better.

We are in a technology era.

There are multiple ways to communicate. For both of us, we have received texts from our employers if we are off sick or if they know something is going on at home, just to check in. Sure, they probably want know if their staff member is returning to work or not. But it’s also nice to know they are thinking of you.

An open line of communication is key.

My satisfaction as an employee is connected to how well I get along with my boss. It is important to have times set aside to speak to your employees as needed. For myself, I make time first thing in the morning to check in with the boss. He’s at work before I am. During that time he lets me know who is doing what and if anything has happened that I need to know about. At the end of the day we usually squeeze in five minutes to update on anything that has come up throughout the day. We are also in contact throughout the day multiple times. It’s amazing how much those five minutes can change things. We have missed those meetings before. He’s had to run somewhere or I’m rushing out the door to get somewhere. Those five minute minutes do not seem like much at the time, but after a while they make a difference.

At the end of the day when we sit back and reflect about our employment and we decide we have the best jobs for us. It’s easy to say why. We love our jobs not because of the paychecks but because we are more than just a number on payroll. We are a person to our employers and they care.

What do you offer your employees to make them want to stay?


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