5 Tricks to Go Viral with Eye-Catching Blog Titles

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The importance of eye-catching blog titles that make your WordPress site viral – click bait, if you will – hardly needs explanation.

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Briefly speaking, just look at your average newsfeed on Facebook.

You hardly pay attention to every single post that pops up there, and if we try and imagine someone who does, frankly, it is a sad picture.

To catch our attention, so that we slow down our scrolling, let alone like, comment, and share, a post must have something special to it, a trigger.

It can be the person (or an entity) posting it, but most often it is an eye-catching picture or a title that encourages us to spend a few more seconds of attention on a particular post than usual.

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5 Tricks to Go Viral with Eye-Catching Blog Titles

So, these are the prime factors that you keep in mind when you are tasked with putting out an eye-catching social media post.

If we talk, for example, about a WordPress website post, we most often aim at the kind of post that will catch people’s attention in the search results.

If a person is at the point of Googling something, they are hardly interested in from whom the content comes and they cannot see any images – there is just the title and description.

So, they choose whether or not to follow a particular link primarily by how engaging and eye-catching the title is.

Truly, statistics show us that an average user will click only one out of five titles they will see in their search results, at best.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business whatmakesagoodheadline-infographic-348x3000 5 Tricks to Go Viral with Eye-Catching Blog Titles All Posts Blogging Motivation Small Business TOTS Business  viral titles title Blog Title

Source: Kissmetrics – What Makes a Good Headline

Obviously, our task as content creators is to ensure that our content makes it into the shortlist.

We have all been taught that the title should be the last part of a text piece that we write.

This often leads to a misleading idea that when we are at the stage of putting together a title for our piece, our main job is done and all that’s left to do is merely a formality.

The stats above are more than enough to reveal that a compelling title is the single critical detail that makes the content of your work as a content creator matter.

Without eye-catching blog titles, no content will ever matter.

So, how do we convince a browsing user that our content is worth reading? Well, there are quite a few basic tricks:



Just for the sake of research, take any given magazine – even a tabloid – and look through the titles of their articles.

A huge portion of them will have numbers in it, and there is a reason behind that.

If we try and put some science into it, we may suggest that people prefer such strictly structured pieces because they feel better knowing that they may read only one “way to sell a house in one day” and skip the rest of the article without losing any value.

Either way, the fact is that titles with numbers in them are better at catching the eye.



A typical website post is barely ever enough to cover any given topic profoundly.

And it is a good thing! A website post has to be brief and specific, – this is what an average reader wants from this type of content.

If I look for ways to make my phone work after I dropped it into a bathtub, I want some exact advice, not a detailed explanation of all the physics behind it.

Returning to writing titles, we can use this tendency by offering our reader something that they can achieve easily – by using such epithets as ‘effortless,’ ‘fun,’ ‘ultimate,’ or even ‘unconventional.’

In other words, you promise your reader something special.


Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Write-Eye-Catching-Titles-that-make-Your-WordPress-Site-Viral-2-300x200 5 Tricks to Go Viral with Eye-Catching Blog Titles All Posts Blogging Motivation Small Business TOTS Business  viral titles title Blog Title

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Once again, when a person is googling something, it is something precise. SO, it is up to you to give them just that.

For example, in our case, you were looking for ‘tricks’ to write a particular kind of titles for your posts.

Otherwise, people are looking for ‘facts,’ ‘secrets,’ ‘ideas,’ ‘reasons why,’ etc.

Mind that people seldom ever look for ‘things to consider’ or ‘things to keep in mind.’

‘Things’ is a very general word that makes the author look like they have a very general idea of what they are talking about, and that is hardly your interest.



It is worth repeating that when one is looking for a piece of information – consciously (by googling it) or subconsciously (by scrolling through a newsfeed) – one will most likely prefer an exact answer to an exact question over anything else.

The questions are ‘what,’ ‘how,’ ‘why,’ etc.

So, by visualizing your audience and imagining the question(s) they would ask, it is no big deal to put this question into your post title.



As we have mentioned, an excellent title is a single detail that makes your entire piece of writing worth your time and effort.

So, it would be irresponsible to just use whatever OK idea pops up in your head when you are feeling exhausted from all that writing.

You need to spend some considerable amount of time brainstorming for a proper title for your brilliant piece of writing.

We recommend that you gave it no less than an hour’s time.

If you feel exhausted, then put your post aside for a while and return to generating your killer title when you are rested.

On your next post go Viral with eye-catching blog titles.

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