Need a Great Name for Your Blog, Business or Product?

Anne Sweden is a monthly contributor of Thinking Outside The Sandbox. She is a mom, home school teacher, successful blogger and business owner. Anne knows what it is like to juggle being a mom and business owner; she has five kids and one on the way! To learn more about her go to her blog Zephyr Hill

Need a Great Name for Your Blog, Business or Product?

As a young girl I loved picking names for things – our newest pet, our family home, my future children, and even the stories and poems I wrote. Today, I help clients all over the country find great names for their businesses, products and even their farms and ranches through my exclusive Discovery Naming Service.

Just about everything can benefit from having a great name, and your WAHM business or unique product is no exception. The name you choose affects almost everything you do – which domain you choose, what your logos and buttons will look like and even your marketing strategies.

It’s important to devote a lot of time to your name; the effort will pay off a thousand times over! I always tell people that your business or blog name is like a new dress; if you try it on and don’t love it, find another! Don’t stick with something mediocre just because it’s the only thing you could come up with.

Here are some helpful naming tips to get you started:

Write a naming brief

This is simply a profile of you and what you (and your product, if applicable) are all about. It’s the very first step, and the one most often missed! Remember the old adage “Know thyself”? It definitely applies here. If you want the name to fit, you’ve got to nail down just exactly what it is you’re promoting or blogging about. It might also be helpful to write down what you are NOT about. This will help weed out names that you might like, but which don’t fit your personal profile.

Have fun brainstorming

This is really low-pressure. Just start jotting down words and phrases that come to mind. They can be action words, descriptive words or even sayings and cliches. You might even write down names that are already taken, but that you like a lot.

Go through your brainstorming list and cross out anything that doesn’t fit your naming brief

Highlight your favorites – the words and names that really stand out, sound nice when you say them, use strong imagery or elicit favorable reactions from friends and colleagues.

Now it’s time to write some real names

You might need to add a prefix or suffix, depending on what you’re naming. For example, bloggers might just add “blog” at the end; artists might tack on words like “Designs” or “Studio” and business professionals may use “Service” or “Inc.” Feel free to get creative and think outside the box.

Your last step is try a name on for size, just like you would a new pair of shoes

Pick one and go with it for a few days. Say it out loud. Write it. Design a sample logo or two. Check for website/domain availability. Pretend that you are blogging under this name. If it doesn’t make the cut after a few days, discard it and try another. You’ve got time and this is an important decision so don’t rush it!

Although I couldn’t include all my naming tips in this short post, I hope these pointers will at least help get your creative juices flowing. Have fun and please feel free to visit my naming website for more free advice and assistance!


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