Which Social Media Accounts Should I Have For My Business?

Which Social Media Accounts Should I Have For My Business?

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Have you been trying to set up a social media presence for your small business and not having very much luck? Are you spending hours posting to numerous social media sites everyday? Social media is a great tool for your business but it can also be a huge pain in the butt.

One of the ways to best utilize social media is to choose the best accounts for your needs.

Every Business

In my opinion every business should have at minimum a Facebook and Twitter account. These social networking sites have the most amount of people participating in them and will give the greatest amount of exposure. Having both a Facebook and Twitter account is easy and you can even connect your Facebook page to your twitter account and post on both simultaneously.
Resource to check out – How to connect a twitter account to your facebook business page.

Visual businesses such as fashion, crafts and art.

Must have – Facebook and Twitter
Should have – Pinterest and Instagram. If your business is very visual in nature you should use social media networks that best reflect this. Make sure you always pin from one of your sources (blog/webpage) so the traffic gets back to you. You can also be a lot more casual with Instagram so why not post picture of people wearing shoes they bought at your store or how that amazing piece of art you make looks in their living room.
Resource to check out – Selling Your Wares Through Pinterest

Professional Services

Must have – Facebook and Twitter
Should have – LinkedIn. If your business provides a professional service (bookkeeping, marketing etc) you should be where the professionals are. In the social media world that is LinkedIn.
Resource to check out: How To Make The Most of LinkedIn.

How do I keep track of my social media accounts?

This may be a ‘duh’ moment but the more social networks you have the more time consuming it is to update, post photos and upkeep the accounts. To make it a little bit easier and faster we use Hootsuite to manage most of our accounts.
Resource to check out: How to use Hootsuite To Schedule Your Social Media


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