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I have been using WordPress for my personal blog for three years now, in that time I have tried out and played around with a lot of plugins. I know for sure that half of what I have now I didn’t have in the beginning, didn’t know I would need or even want them. These are my top go to recommended ones. Here are my top 5 WordPress plugins. Oh, and they’re free.

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Akismet:  keeps the spam comments at bay. While it won’t catch everything, it definitely keeps it at bay.

Broken Link Checker: There is nothing worse than trying to follow a link and it leading no where. You can set it to check every so  often, mine is set to every two days. I receive an email telling me what they are. You can also have it inform other authors on your site, and much more.

CommentLuv: Share the love around. When someone comments on your site, a link to their post appears under their comment.

Comment Reply Notification: When you reply to a comment an email is sent to that reader.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox: When you link to another site/post along with the check box to open that link in a new page, you will also have the option to rel=”nofollow” that link. No more adding it to the text, or forgetting it completely.

Pinterest Pin It Buttons for Images: The Pinterest “P” logo appears in the corner of images when your hover over them. Clicking on it enables your readers to easily pin from your website.Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business Plugins-‹-Forgetful-Momma-—-WordPress Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers All Posts Blogging  WordPress Plugins free bloggers

My personal favorite plugin for my site is ZipList Recipe Plugin. I enter my recipe with ingredients and instructions, I can add a picture as well, and it is printable. The perfect plugin for me to share my recipes with readers and for them to be able to take them away with them.


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