Brilliance in Advertising: Public Radio’s Reach

Brilliance in Advertising: Public Radio's Reach

I was floored when I recently read this article from Nielsen that public radio reaches 32 million Americans each week. That is a lot of people, but then I realized that I am one of those 32 million, so why would I think anything less?

With the availability of CD players in our most vehicles and the fact that you can usually hook up your smart phone or music device very easily, I thought most people actually used those devices instead of listening to the radio while they drive. I was wrong, and rightly so, because I usually choose the radio over a CD myself. Others of the 32 million may be listening to the radio at their work desk or while they exercise, but no matter where they listen, they are still listening.


Because I listen to the radio daily while I’m driving I can probably list a handful of the advertisements played frequently on my favorite station.  I only know of one local laser hair removal company and I only know about them because of their radio ad. If I ever decided to take the plunge and decide to laser remove my hair follicles, I know who I would call first. I think I would even trust them too, because my local radio DJ is a satisfied customer.

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Though visual advertisements, by way of video, billboard or magazine pages are a very effective to reach an audience, we cannot discount public radio and its’ 32 million listeners (in America alone).

Next time you want to purchase an ad you should include a radio spot in your decision. You never know how well a silly jingle, disc jockey recommendation or even a B-list local celebrity’s voice could sway the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

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