Recycling old posts – make old posts go viral

I have had many posts that I published before I started to have a lot of readers.   I posted it within my first few months of blogging, before anyone really followed me except for my friends.   They were some of my best posts.

So, now that I have been blogging more and my page views are rising to the half-millions (silent cheer!), I wanted to let those readers in on some of my older posts, but I didn’t know how.   I figured it and I learned how to make old posts go viral and I want to share it with you!

I re-date a lot of my old posts.   I will go in, edit the post to make it better, update the pictures (wow- my pictures were awful at first!  )  I will then take the published date and change it to today.   It is back up at the top of my page.   I usually write something like “I had originally published this post last year, but I knew that you would love it, so I had to bring it back to the top for you!”

HERE IS THE KEY to making this work again: 
I will make a very pin-worthy image to go with it (I say Pin-Worthy to mean the right size for Pinterest…  500 X 1000 or so.   It will be bright & catch their eye.  It will have a white background with darker letters. )
I will upload that image directly to Pinterest, then go back in (using the edit button.. the little pencil on your pin) and add the source- the URL of the website where the pin will take them.  I post it in the morning to my own boards and then again at night to a big group board.

I also use that image as my featured image, because my theme on WordPress brings it to a smaller scale, so it doesn’t look huge like that until it is shared on Pinterest.  I use regular sized-images within my post.

I also link to another post at the bottom… “If you liked this post, you will love my post on how to grow a garden, even if you know NOTHING about gardening just with these SO-SIMPLE tips!

That’s it.  Share it on all of your social media platforms (linked in, stumble upon, google+, FB, twitter, Pinterest).  Then, link it up to a few linky parties (I have one every Saturday on my blog, Your Modern Family) and watch it go around-the-web!

Changing the publishing date is easy & it really works (I do it anytime that I need a day off!)

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