Four Unique Ways to Promote Your Business

Four Unique Ways to Promote Your Business

In the never-ending quest to promote your business, there are easy things some people overlook.

Yes, an online-presence is important. Yes, some people still use the Yellow Pages.

But if you think outside the box, you can come up with clever ideas to market and promote without spending a fortune.

Design a fridge magnet or button. The plumber who came to turn on my well water recently handed me two magnets with his contact information on them. It will make it easy to find him if and when I need more plumbing work done.

Sponsor a team. Softball league registrations normally cost $500-$1500 per season. A $200 donation from a local airline was enough to get a 10 inch by 10 inch logo on the back of my team’s jerseys. And since they are reused, year after year with only a few new ones printed, this one-time expense continues to pay dividends with 500+ players plus friends, family members and other who see us eating together after the games seeing the logo.

Decorate your work vehicle. If your vehicle is branded, people will notice. But be warned, people notice branded vehicles so you will be under the microscope of police and other drivers eager to complain about the guy driving the blue Mama Michelini’s pizza delivery car.

Have a take-away which relates to your business. The physiotherapy business I frequented in Thunder Bay (accident prone weekend warrior led to wrist, knee, ankle and serious shoulders injuries) had an ingenious marketing system for its clients. It had stress balls with its logo and business information manufactured. It was a functional item for people with wrist injuries but also clever.

There are certainly many opportunities to exchange money for promotion in today’s world. How you decide to do it is up to you.

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