5 Ways To Encourage Self Admiration That Will Benefit Your Business and Your Life

5 Ways Self Admiration Will Benefit Your Business and Your Life

LOVE thy self. Admire yourself and know your greatness!

When you admire yourself both inside and out you will show others that it is ok and you will find people will be more attracted to you…

So here are some ways that you can add more admiration into your life.

1) Put on some nice clothes – starting with your underwear. Admire yourself in the mirror. Put on your favorite outfit and spend some time loving yourself up and say wow. I look good – even if you do not feel so much at the moment. This may take some practice. (When you’re ready for the next step you can do this naked).

2) Put on a little bit of natural make-up – a little goes a long way. Don’t feel that you need a lot. Adding more make-up can actually make you look older so keep it as natural as possible. Adding a little bronzer, mascara and lip gloss can add a natural finish and just complete the look which in turn can assist you in your admiration process. (Should you need some help in selecting ask a friend you trust or visit any make-up counter near you. Watch out to be oversold. You do not need much.)

3) Say I Love you. When was the last time that you looked yourself in the eye in the mirror and told that to yourself?

It took me years. Yes, I often looked in the mirror, but to look myself in the eye and say those 3 words would make me cry, so I just did not do it. It definitely takes practice.

The more you do it from deep in your heart the more that people around you will notice and ask what you are doing. Something shifts from the inside…

All I can share is from my experience and from the smiles and self-confidence that I have noticed and shift in those around me that have done it.

4) Write down your accomplishments each day… as small as they may seem. For some getting out of bed is an accomplishment or even having a shower and getting dressed. It does not matter how big or small it may seem. Write it down.

5) Put on Your ‘Magnetic’ Suit – Set your intention from when you wake up of what you would like to create for your day. Whether it is to meet new people, close a sales deal, or simply have a super happy and fun day. Your magnetic suit will assist in magnetizing what ever it is that you want.

Intention is everything so know the power of this simple act. Have you ever thought of someone you have not seen for a long time and then they called you? There are so many examples I can give here, but I will stop here on that… Stay tuned in the next post for more on ‘The power of intention”…

When you admire yourself others are more drawn to you. It’s the way this great universe works. When you love, honour and respect yourself you show others that they too can do that and you will begin the ripple effect. In your business, in your life and in others around you. Let it begin with you and know your greatness!!!

Much happiness, love and admiration,

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