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One thing I know for sure is that those of us that work to be successful bloggers always ask how to get more Traffic to your Blog.

Here are a few tips that might help you along the way.

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Put some thought into the title of your posts

Having typos or complicated words in your title will not get you as much traffic from search engines as a well thought title might.

I know you understand typos, but let’s look at complicated words.

You might title a post “Handcrafted Presents for Fathers Day.”

It sounds nice and inviting, it does, but I don’t know that it would get as many hits through a search engine as the title “Handmade Fathers Day” might.

Just think about how we type into our search engine search bars.


Make sure your content is BEST quality to get more Traffic to your Blog

I have read articles from multiple high-ranking sources and they all state that they are not SEO experts.

Instead they focus on making their content the best it can be and the search engines seem to hone in on that.


Apply some basic SEO tools to your posts

It just takes a few second to add keywords and tags to your posts, but often times it can be forgotten.

Make it a habit and it will be worth your while. Link back to yourself too.

If you write a new post that has anything to do with something else you have written, link back to that older post.

You should be able to do this with just about all of your posts.



Don’t spend too much time on design

One of the first aspects we tend to want to update on our blogs is the design.

Are my widgets lined up perfectly?

Is this a good picture of me?

Does the background image say enough about who I am?

While having a good design is important, we shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about how to get more traffic to your Blog because that is not what will drive new traffic to your blog.


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