How Pictures Can Simplify (and Beautify) your Posts

Do you ever find yourself typing the same information over and over?  Do you ever write a post that is informative or inspirational, but it looks boring?

Some posts do not lend themselves to traditional pictures, but you can still simplify and beautify your posts by making your own pictures! How to simplify and beautify your posts by using pictures you make!

Some of you might have just said, “No, way!  I am no graphic designer or artist!”  Well, neither am I!!  I cannot draw a lick!  Yet almost anyone today can make a picture that incorporates text by using picture editors such as PicmonkeyRibbet,  Canva, or Pixlr (and probably many more!!). There are many  places to find  free pictures to use as well, but this post will focus on making your own text images using photo editors.

It is obvious that pictures do beautify your posts.  We all understand that.   But pictures can also simplify your posts.  Instead of typing the same information every week, just add a picture that has the information.  It grabs your reader’s attention, and it saves you time!  It breaks your post up, and makes it interesting to read.  If you don’t add a visual, then you run the risk of a reader not seeing what you want them to see, and at worst clicking away from your post.

Some posts are naturally easy to add pictures to such as food posts, DIY posts, and crafting posts, but sometimes there are posts for which you do not have a picture.  So you either have to find one somewhere, or you have to make one.  One of the easiest ways to make a picture is by finding free clip art, a symbol, or a background and adding text to that image or background.

Here are a few examples of different kinds of posts that bloggers might want to make a text pictures that would simplify and beautify their post:

  • When you post reminders about your on-going giveaways or something you sell (or an ebook/free printables/newsletter).

  • Anytime that you repeat information in several posts (such as the rules for a weekly linky party or want to remind people to click to get to a linky party)

  • A post in a series

  • To draw your eye to main points

For giveaways, you could do something like this:

giveaways dial


The above arrow is one of PicMonkey’s royale features as an overlay. text picture I started with a blank canvas with a transparent background, added the arrow, and then put the text Giveaways in the middle. Then I resized it to the size I wanted.  The Dial Hand Soap is also a text picture.  You could make something similar, but leave off the product that is free and the website address, and add those items for every giveaway.

giveaways1You can do the same concept without buying Royale (although I’ve only had Royale for a week and do love it.)  This was made with the free options!  Here I used the same arrow, but made one smaller than the other one, then added the text to the top.  I often like to duplicate the text and put it on top of the other text (right click to duplicate text or image), and that just gives it extra pop!    These “pictures” will draw attention to your important information so that it does not get skipped over!

If you always have the same information in different posts, you could make a picture like this one that I just made with Canva using only their free program:

Make a text picture

You could include the directions below, but it helps so that your post is not so boring; and it again, draws the reader’s eyes to the important information that you want them to see.  The key to remember is to have a transparent background so that the graphic blends right into the post like it does here.

Sometimes you may need to combine two picture editors.  I used Canva’s design for the Remember arrow, but I re-sized it at PicMonkey.    This might seem like extra work and that it is not simplifying anything!  However, once it is made, you can use it over and over.  The end result is that people read what you want them to read!

If you have co-hosts for a party, it makes it simple to have the same rules on everyone’s posts.   You can just make up a picture that has all the rules!  This paper is a free feature under PicMonkey’s overlays under paper scrap.  I love it!remember


thankful thursdays 300Another time that you might want to add text to a picture is when you do a series or you work together with other bloggers.

During the month of November, a group of bloggers all wrote Thankful Thursday posts.  So I found a picture that I had taken at a pumpkin farm and added text to it.  Every Thursday we all used the picture on our posts to show we were working together.

Then, you can make a simple text photo to show what your main points are.

Break up your post into main pointsAgain, it will break up the text, and make it easy for your reader to follow along.  It has been proven that readers are skimmers.  So if they can see your main points, then they will read all your main points and then read more in depth the points that are of interest to them.  I made this with Ribbet, as they let you start right off with a blank canvas, resize it, and then I love this reflection frame.  They have some features PicMonkey does not have; however, they do not have a lot of backgrounds.

If you want something really simple that is like a bullet point, but more interesting, go to this website where you can copy and paste different characters right into your post. They are like your text, so the only way to make them larger is to change your font.  This adds a little something extra to your post that is very  simple to do.  I found this through Amy Lynn Andrew’s newletter!

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☞ ❿ ☑ ✍✮

What are some ways that you use pictures you have made in your posts?


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