How To Make a Photo Backdrop for Free

Learn why it is important to have and make a photo backdrop for free.


How To Make A Photo Background For Free


You’re losing focus.

It’s something I’ve heard before, but generally not in photography.

I’ve talked before about being aware of your background.

The last thing you want to do is have something draw focus away from the subject of your image.

In this post, I will show you how to make a photo backdrop for free.

You can accomplish this is different ways – depth of field, plain background or contrasting background that makes your subject pop.

Since my better half recently invested in a new-to-her DSLR to try and enhance her photographic skills, I have tried to do some things to help her along.

We have always struggled to find an appropriate space to take product shots in the #totsreno house.


How To Make A Photo Background For Free

How To Make a Photo Backdrop for Free

While I was in the basement working on another project, I stumbled upon an old sheet of ½ inch plywood.

With a simple bracket system and a few cuts, I was most of the way to a two foot by three foot, L-shaped photo background.

We used some wood filler to fill in some of the rough spots and used a power sander to make it smooth.

Two coats of white paint later, it was done.

A simple white background is the easiest thing to take photos in front of.

Shadows are lighter and every colour pops off the white.

But what if my subject is really white, what then you ask?

Well in my case, that’s where I turn to other around the house things.

During other parts of the renovation, we had leftovers.

The upstairs bathroom floor was a roll of vinyl.

There were awesome scraps left which we were able to cut to fit on top of both sides of my photo backdrop.

The leftover 12×24” shower tiles also fit well on the unit to provide a splash of grey tones and the leftover floor tiles from the downstairs bathroom add a dark element for certain subjects that require such colour tones.

Your backgrounds don’t have to cost you a lot of money.

There are a lot of things in your house you can use for backgrounds.

Curtains, bed sheets … actual backgrounds you paid for.

Be creative and share some of the fun things you’ve used as background for product shots.

I remember my wife once used our hardwood floor and wall trim.

But she won’t have to anymore because she now knows how to make a photo backdrop.

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