What to do when You fall out of Love with Your Small Business

What To Do If You Fall Out of Love With Your Small Business

Owning a small business takes a lot of time, energy, commitment and passion but some of us must face What to do when You fall out of Love with Your Small Business.

I could not even imagine trying to count the 1000’s of hours I have spent on From The Stash and TOTS in the past few years.

Running my businesses has been my passion.

What happens when you fall out of love with your small business?

When running your businesses starts to feel like a chore and frankly you are just tired of it.

First you need to decide if running your business is worth it. Is it profitable?

Or are you losing more money then you can afford?

Are other aspects of your life suffering?

If you decide your business is worth keeping there are a few things you can do.

Take a break.

Seriously unplugged for a little while.

If your business is online based (like mine) post on your social media channels you will be taking a week’s vacation and stay away.

If you have a brick and mortar store there may be some planning required to lessen your hours for the week and see if your staff or family can cover extra shifts.

Hire someone.

With my business it does not make sense for me to hire a full time sales assistant so I had to get creative.

I hired a part-time sales associate who makes a percentage of every sale the store makes.

The harder she works potentially the more money she will make.

It has taken some stress of me as she posts on my social media channels as well.

Add a partner.

I could not do TOTS without my husband.

When something happens in life there is always someone to make sure TOTS is running smoothing.

See what else is affecting your life.

Is someone in your house sick?

Did your partner lose his/her job?

Is your child in the terrible twos?

Outside stressors may be affecting your business.

It is important to track what is happening in your life and she what you can do to make it better.

Have you fallen out of love with your business? How did you get your passion back?

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