Etsy Shop Spotlight – Green Ducky Handmade

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Etsy Shop Spotlight - Green Ducky Homemade

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Green Ducky Handmade

What have you learned since opening your shop?

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people! I’ve learned about sewing and turn around times and to be patient. I’ve also learned it helps to only think positive happy thoughts at the sewing machine. 

What is one piece of advice you want someone opening a shop to know?

When you sell items you care about it really shows! I care about my feeding tube accessories especially because I make them for my little boy. I care that each and every person I make them for has quality products. Having a fast turnaround time means nothing if you have to cut corners to get there or if you are hurting yourself to get there. It’s totally ok if it takes time to get orders out. Communication with your customers is key, my customers don’t mind waiting a week or two for their custom items because they know they’ll be done right. 🙂

Green Ducky Homemade was only opened 4 months ago. Already Anna has seen great results which you can see from her 5 star shop review.

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