Bringing New Traffic to Old Posts

Not all of your current readers have been reading your blog from the very beginning, reading your every word, no matter how much we wish they did. Getting traffic to old content will not only increase your number of page views and potentially lower your bounce rate, but it also gets your readers to the great content you wrote before.

Before you start directing traffic to your older post, make any updates to the post that might be needed such as new pictures and updated links. Once you have done that, get traffic flowing!

Here are six very easy and rather quick ways to promote older posts.

Twitter. Twitter is the perfect place to revive old posts. Schedule out old posts. Those that had been retweeted multiple times shows interest from your readers, so start there.

Facebook. Share an old post or two a day, along with your new post of the day.

Pinterest. Scheduling out pins with your choice of scheduler. Remembering the 70/30 split (70% of others pins / 30% of your own content). Spread your own pins around to any of the boards that it may fit, including group boards.

In post links. This one is quite easy and doesn’t require doing anything but adding a relevant link to the posts you’re writing. When writing about XYZ and you have an older post related to it, add a do-follow and open in same window link. Having it open in the same window will increase your page views and lower your bounce rate.

Round up. Mostly any type of post could be used in round ups. Recipes, summer activities, or posts from the week before.

Landing page. Holidays can be easy: create a landing page for the holidays and gather them all together. Group all of Christmas content together, all of the Easter together, group each with a separate page but gathered to one landing page in your navigation. You can do the same idea with seasonal topics (summer).

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