How To Use HootSuite to Schedule Your Social Media

How To Use Hootsuite To Schedule Your Social Media

Writing this today, I can’t believe I used to manually go into each of my blogs during certain times of the day and promote them using social media.  The downside of this is that I had to remember to actually do it, and when I did remember or was available, it wasn’t always the best time to be tweeting or Facebook status updating.

You certainly don’t have time to re-tweet every post you have ever done, but taking a few minutes a day to give old posts and new some attention could really pay off in the form of followers, traffic, ad and affiliate revenue, etc.  Best of all, this is FREE!

Enter HootSuite, my new best friend.  Here’s how to utilize this powerful tool for your blog or business:

Sign up at HootSuite

Put in the 5 social networks you use the most.  The main options are Twitter, Facebook for your personal and fan pages, G+, LinkedIn, FourSquare and WordPress.

Now you should have a little owl icon at the top of your internet toolbar.  That little guy is your ticket to success!


Now, head to an old blog post that never got much love.  Just click on the little owl and you have the option of where to send the post to and when.  I generally send posts to my Facebook fan page because it has over 6K likes and connects to my 6K Twitter followers as well.

You can manually schedule your information to go out, or you can Auto Schedule, which just spreads out the information throughout a day or two so you aren’t saturating your audience.

hootsuite schedule

Also, from your main HootSuite page (not the tiny icon), you can find out who has retweeted your tweets, mentioned you, favorite your tweets, sent you a message, AND you can see when your posts are scheduled to go out and where.

hootsuite mentions

You can upgrade to HootSuite Pro for $9.99/month to get all the cool analytics and statistics if you need that information.
Sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro.

Happy Hooting!


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