DIY Emergency Kit for Your Car

It is important that you are prepared with a Emergency Kit for Your Car for any unforeseen circumstances that may happen while traveling with your vehicle.

You just never really know when you will get stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

This is why having an emergency kit for your car is important.

The great thing about this DIY emergency kit for your car is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on one, since you can easily make your own.

You can just use a duffel bag or box and keep it in your trunk in case you ever need to use it.


DIY Emergency Kit for Your Car


It is critical to have available light in an emergency situation.

Even something simple like changing a flat tire becomes a problem if you cannot see what you are doing.

In short, a flashlight is something that everyone should have in their vehicle.

There are two types of flashlights that you should have in your car: LED and incandescent.

LED flashlights will last much longer just in case it is best to have one of each in the cars.

Don’t forget to toss in some extra batteries as well.

Some newer vehicles have flashlights built in to the car so they battery is always in re-charge mode.


Emergency Candles and Box of Matches

backup in case your fancy new flashlight fails or the batteries are dead.


Collapsible Shovel

For those times that you get stuck in snow and have no other option but to dig yourself out.


Emergency Help – Call Police Banner

When people will not stop to help and you have a serious problem (health or mechanical) cowards might call the police for you.

You will need to check and see how much the repair is and what your car is worth before you get it repaired.


Emergency Whistle

Use this when people can’t see you they might be able to hear you.


Work Gloves

When changing a tire work gloves can protect your hands.


Rain Poncho

Useful when you are forced to change a tire in the rain.



You may think that you only need to carry blankets in your car during the winter months, but blankets are really something you need all year round.

While they can keep you warm when it is cold outside, they can also be used to cover the windshield in the summer to keep the heat out of the car.


Extra clothing

You not only want to have blankets in the car, but you also should have extra clothing as well.

This includes an extra jacket, an extra pair socks and a pair of gloves.


Jumper Cables

First our Disclaimer, we do not recommend using jumper cables due to the complexity of cars today.

The average new car today has more computers or microprocessors than the Apollo 11 Space Ship had.

Automobile manufacturers DO NOT recommend that you boost your own car or anyone else’s.

The risk is that if you do one step wrong you can blow all of your computers and your car warranty becomes void.

So if you are “old school” and insist on using jumper cables then you probably already own them.

You want to choose jumper cables that are constructed from multiple-strand four gauge copper wire with alligator clips made from copper as well.

When it comes to jumper cables, the rule is the longer, the better so choose ones that are at least 16 feet long.


Roadside Assistance Service

When traveling in the USA or Canada I strongly recommend using AAA or CAA respectively. This is not a sponsored post.

We have lived in both the USA and Canada and I can vouch for the consistently high level of service we have received over the last few decades from AAA & CAA.

We are still members and we have found their network provides quick emergency services, often within an hour or less.

If you travel with a car that is out of warranty you should investigate Emergency Roadside Assistance CAA or AAA


There are many reasons you might need to use your emergency kit, but hopefully you will never need to.

I use Kijiji to find a lot of these Emergency Kit items, you might even find your next car.

My personal favorite is to get a ford mustang or if you need to get rid of your car.

Here are some tips to keep your car in shape and help to decrease your chances of being stranded.

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