How To Get Email Subscribers

How To Get Email Subscribers

With the new changes that recently happened on Twitter, and even more recently on Facebook it has shown us just how much we need to have an email list.

We can’t be relying on other, free platforms to share our content on, and get it in front of our readers.

We need to learn how to get email subscribers?

Three steps to get you started: The first step is to have an email subscription service such as MailChimp which offers free service for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Perfect for just starting out.

The next step is to make sure you have a way for your readers to sign up.

The third step is to decide what you are going to be emailing to your readers and how often.


How to Get Email Subscribers

Now that you have your email service set up, how are you going to get people to sign up?

It’s not simply “build it and they will come”.

There are some amazing tried and true, successful ways to grow your email list.


Offer freebies

The number of freebies is endless.

You want to offer something they need or want.



These printables can be content upgrades to your current content, or bonus printables.


Email courses

Are you an expert on a topic that others want to learn more about Such as Pinterest, Twitter, Photoshop?

Create email course as you opt in.

Subscribers will look forward to your email each day or week that you have it set to go out.


A resource library

Creating it on a password protected page so that only your email subscribers can access it is my first tip!

Just include the URL and password in each email you send.

Make sure you are adding content regularly or they may not be interested in checking it out again.


A free e-book

You don’t have to have a full ebook, it can just be a mini version, and then you’ll have the opportunity to create a sale for the full size.



If you have a service you already offer, offer up a discount.

While this may not make for long term subscribers it gets them in the door so to speak, just make sure you keep their attention with your email content.

Now that you have your choice of opt in incentive, make sure your readers see that it is available.

I have tried a lot of different pop-ups but just recently started using PopUps available within Mailchimp.

It is completely customizable; decide when it pops up, where it pops up or slides in along with how often.


I have mine set to intent to leave, so that they aren’t being interrupted while reading, but if they like what they’ve read, and what I offer, they can subscribe.

Once you have them, make sure you keep them!

Send them what you promised and remember to be consistent.

Sending great content in your email to keep your readers.

If you do lose some readers see if you can win them back. Checkout these email strategy articles; How to Get Email Subscribers, and 5 PLugins that will make your Email List longer than Competitors

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