Creating a Media Kit with Google Drive

One of the new must-have’s that bloggers are being asked to present when partnering with companies is a media kit. The first time you were asked for yours (or maybe even right now) you thought to yourself, what the heck is a media kit and where do I get one?

Every resource I checked out seemed to have a different definition of what a media kit actually is. Here are a few you can check out on your own:

The Grant Life

Blogging with Amy



Personally, I believe it is a visual representation of your online presence that speaks to those you wish to partner with.

So, I have made a few less-than-desirable ones out of desperation in the past but decided to give it a go using Google Drive this time. I like using Google Drive because you can provide a link for it while also keeping it updated. If you make one using a photo or document software that you have to attach in emails than you will not be able to make changes without re-sending it.

I have a link to my media kit, saved to my Google Drive account, on my blog’s PR page and I also use the same link when I am sending out emails to prospective or current partners. This is a link that opens up to a page online, it is not a document they have to save and open.

So how do you create one? First, you need a Google account and then you need to look at your Google apps and find the one labeled Drive.

media kit 1

From there I chose Create and then Drawing.

media kit 2

At this point I just inserted text boxes and images to fill the entire space. It will take some playing around and arrangement combinations but you will find something you like.

media kit 3

You can check mine out here for inspiration. I chose to add my blog header and a picture of myself as well as my stats, a description of what I do and several of the companies I have worked with. This works for me as a review blogger, but make sure that you customize your media kit to express who you are and what you do.

Once you have finished you are ready to share. Click on File and then Share and you will see a page with your specific link. Make sure you choose who you want to be able to see this file and do not keep it as Private Only. I recommend choosing to let those who have the link see it.

media kit 4


Now you are ready to share and you can update as often as you would like to without having to resend a file.

Do you have a media kit?

How did you create yours?


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