Blogger – Link ups. Are They Worth It?

Bloggers Link Ups Are They Worth It

Sometimes I wonder about Link ups ~ are they worth it?

Here are the pros & cons for link-ups.


  • Exposure for your blog
  • Grow relationships with other bloggers
  • Readers will be curious when they see it on someone else’s page
  • Links back to your page


  • time consuming
  • time consuming
  • time consuming
  • time consuming

I have two link-ups on my own page.  We have one where it is just for bloggers on Thursday evenings- we just “share” our social media info and have others do the same.  We then follow each other.   If someone leaves their social media info in the #linky, we follow it.
My Saturday Pin-It party is just that- bloggers come by & link up their favorite pins.

I like hosting my own link party because it lets me get to know people even better.  I enjoy seeing their blogs and reading what they write about.

As far as linking up to other blogger’s parties, here are my guidelines (these are just my own guidelines, but you should make some, too): 

  • Family first – even if I know that a link party started at 8:00 am, if my family needs me, they come first
  • Try to make a calendar of the best ‘parties’ of the week.  I pick one every day that I know will bring me traffic.  If I have time, I will link up to at least that one
  • Add the SAME post to every link party.   The reason for this is that when other bloggers or readers are looking at those pages, they see your same image on every page.   Curiosity killed the cat, remember?  They will want to see what this picture is that they keep seeing.
  • It builds relationships.  I have met some great people by posting my links on their linky party pages.  They will stop by to say that I have been featured or to say thanks for linking up and soon enough, we are friends.

Linking up is a GREAT way to spread your name and get new readers, but you have to have a great balance.  I started out linking up to ten a day!   It was overwhelming and I was exhausted.  One a day is all that you really need – you can always post more than one link on that page if you want to, too.   Just remember to not become overwhelmed and give yourself a break if you are late to a party or miss it all together!  (a linky party, that is!) 😉


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