Sverve Scoring: How it Works and How You Can Improve Yours

Sverve Scoring: How it Works and How You Can Improve Yours

Welcome to the next installment on Sverve. Be sure to read about getting started with Sverve and getting paid through Sverve in my previous posts.

So, you have signed up for Sverve and are now wondering about your Sverve Score and what it is all about?

Your Sverve Score is a representation of your reach as an influencer. This includes your followers via social media, what and where you have written online, and your overall reputation. Sverve compiles this information via statistics you have shared with them as well as other sites, like Klout, that you are signed up for and have connected to your Sverve account.

According to Sverve, there are “3 key aspects” that they use to measure your reach.

The first is your Social Influence. This is where social media comes into play. Your facebook page and twitter account are the major accounts they are looking into. Obviously, the more followers you have via these social media platforms, the better your reach is ranked.

The second key aspect is your Blog Influence. Sverve takes into account your Google page rank, unique visitors, Alexa rank and page views, in comparison to your peers to calculate your reach in regards to your blog. Again, the better your rankings and higher your visitors and views, the better your reach.

The third key aspect is your Sverve Influence. Sverve has their own sort of social media built into their site where you can connect with other influencers and endorse them in their specific areas of blogging (ie. parenting, green living, WAHM, etc). The more endorsements you receive (especially in your top 3 areas) the higher your score may get.

Now that you understand how your Sverve Score is calculated, how can you improve yours?

In respect to the Social Media and Blog Influence aspects, continue to grow your followers via facebook, twitter, pinterest and on your blog itself. Jump on board with some giveaway hops, contests or other opportunities where you acquire more followers in a non-organic way. Improving your followers organically is awesome, but can take a while if you do not step outside the box and do something different or get lucky with a post that goes viral. There are several facebook groups out there for bloggers. Find a few and join them. It may just take exchanging social media or post shares, blog comments, etc. with other bloggers that gets you started in your efforts to grow your numbers. You can even get creative and make some funny meme’s (these tend to get shared on facebook often) or other images that can grab a new readers attention.

In respect to the Sverve Influence aspect, get out there and start endorsing other influencers. When I first joined Sverve, I had a goal to reach a score of 50. I connected all of my social media links but still did not reach 50. I knew I had to get to work improving my reach on Sverve. I started endorsing at least 10 other bloggers each day. At least half of them would return the favor and endorse me in return. Before long I had reached and surpassed that score of 50 that I was striving for. Get out there and start endorsing other bloggers and make sure to use the option to tweet that you are doing so. Remember, this is a community of bloggers that want to help each other succeed.

Have you been successful in improving your Sverve Score? What techniques have you used?

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