What To Do With Your Child’s Clothes After They Have Outgrown Them

What To Do With Your Child's Clothes After They Have Outgrown Them

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My two-year-old has more clothes than I do.

And we have already sold a lot of them through mom to mom sales around the area we live in.

But going to mom to mom sales is difficult in some ways.

My wife and I tend to go together and we bring our daughter with us. She is still in a car seat so that takes up a fair amount of real estate in the car. That doesn’t leave much room in the car for the stuff we want to sell.

We do all our sorting of clothes, into sizes and season, in the days and weeks before the sale to save time.

We are also big fans of using storage totes with lids so we don’t have any cross-contamination of the garments.

But that also means we need a car with lots of storage space.

While we do enjoy the mom to mom sales, and definitely buy new things while we’re there, here are some other options for your used baby clothes.

Regift/donate them. My wife and I were given a lot of clothes, toys and other baby related things, so are friends have babies, we like to give other couples some of our daughter’s pre-loved things. And sometimes bad things happen to good people. I hate hearing about kids in need so we donate some of our daughter’s things to groups that will use them to help others like Salvation Army, Canadian Diabetes and other groups.

Sell them. There are groups on Facebook organized to help you sell items. Businesses like Flipsize Canada will buy your excellent condition clothes and you can purchase new items from them.

Save a few favourites. We’ve saved a few things like her coming home from the hospital outfit, anything with the Ottawa Senators on it and other favorites.

We’re gearing up for the next mom to mom sale now. Maybe we’ll be in a new car by the sale time in early spring.

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