How To Keep Your Blog Safe

Hot to Keep your Blog Safe


So you’ve got your blog up and running? Congratulations!

Now, it’s time to take a few steps to keep your investment and hard work safe.

Spam, malware and hackers are just a few of the bad guys you’ll want to have a good defense against.

Here are some of the most basic safety measures you can take to keep your blog safe.


How To Keep Your Blog Safe

Password Protection

Follow basic safety guidelines when it comes to setting passwords.

Don’t use personally identifiable information like birthdays, last names or the year you were born.

Use names, words and phrases that mean something only to you and no one else.

A mix of letters, numbers and special characters is best.

Don’t stay logged in after you’re finished with work.

Choose different passwords for different accounts.

In the unlikely event that one account password is guessed/hack, at least you know the scammer won’t be able to get into any others.


Plugin Protection

Backup your entire blog on an automatic schedule.

I like Backdraft Plus for WordPress.

Guard against spam with a reliable plugin like Akismet.

It costs me a few bucks a month and is worth the small fee.

The Bad Behavior plugin protects my blog against automatic spambot attacks to my site.

Akismet detects Spam comments and places them in a Spam file waiting for your review.

Bulletproof Security is a handy plugin which gives your blog a free firewall and login protection.

Limit Login Attempts is a plugin with one simple mission – to limit multiple login attempts.

The multiple login tactic is often employed by automated bots that flood your blog with thousands of randomized passwords until they hit the jackpot.

Beyond your actual blog, a free program like Malwarebytes can help guard your PC against malware and spyware.


How To Keep Your Blog Safe


People Protection

In a worse case scenario, a blogger can actually be held liable for slanderous or malicious content posted on his blog, even he is not the actual author.

So make use of comment moderation and do NOT engage a hateful or overtly hostile person.

They may just be trying to ruin your day.

Or they may have more sinister motives in mind.

You are no obligation to approve or post comments that don’t meet your site’s guidelines.


Policy Protection

Every blogger should have a clearly stated privacy policy on the site, as well as general terms and conditions, plus disclosures for sponsored (paid) content and promotions.

Did I miss anything?

How do you keep your blog safe and secure?

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