Work at Home with Greeting Card Companies

Work at Home with Greeting Card Companies

Did you know that the greeting card company is a $7 billion dollar industry? Greeting card companies hire freelancers in two different fields to work for them. They hire freelance writers as well as freelance artists and photographers.

Work at Home with Greeting Card Companies

Freelance Writers:

American Greetings– American Greetings does not accept unsolicited submissions. They have a formal process in place to submit your ideas. You will first need to complete their disclosure agreement and send it to the address listed on the form. You can also send them your ideas with the agreement, but they will not look at your submissions without the disclosure agreement.

Blue Mountain Arts– Blue Mountain Arts seeks contemporary prose and poetry submissions from freelancers that are written from personal experience. The submissions must be in the areas of family, friendship and love, but they also consider specific occasion submissions as well. You can send your ideas to them via email or snail mail and they pay $300 for the exclusive submissions they accept.

Comstock Marketplace– Comstock Marketplace accepts submissions for gag lines and ideas. The company mostly focuses on adult humor, so they accept ideas in the areas of adult humor cartoons and verses in addition to professional photos of guys and girls. Keep in mind that they are looking for adult humor that ranges from mildly risqué to rude and crude. Their line of cards include Naughty Nudes, Krack Ups and BoyTown News. You can send your submission to them by email or snail mail and they will notify you in 8-10 weeks if they accept your submission. Comstock Marketplace will pay you $50 for each submission they accept.

Oatmeal Studios– Oatmeal Studios is a greeting card company that specializes in humorous greeting cards. Their line of cards cover a wide array of occasions including congratulations, retirement, anniversary, milestone birthdays, wedding, new baby, miss you, thank you and get well soon. They are looking for submissions that are not intense in poetic verse, but instead want funny ideas that express how people usually talk. You can send your ideas to them through email or snail mail and they pay $75 for each accepted submission.

Shoebox– While Hallmark does not accept unsolicited ideas directly, their line of Shoebox greeting cards does allow for freelance opportunities. They are looking for submissions that are funny and unexpected as well as light-hearted. You can send them your ideas by email and they will accept 5-8 ideas at a time.

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Illustrations and Photography:

Fotofolio Inc. – Fotofolio Inc. is interested in color and black and white photography for publishing on t-shirts, postcards, posters and notecards. You can send them your submissions via postal mail only and you can send them up to 40 images. You can also email them a link to your website where your portfolio is showcased.  The company will only accept laser copies, promotional pieces and photocopies.

Planet Zoo– Planet Zoo welcomes photos of wild animals in their natural habitat. They will not accept photos of things like caged animals or birds sitting on a picnic table as these are not considered natural habitats. You can send up to 10 low resolution photos to them for consideration by email.

Palm Press Inc. – Palm Press Inc. accepts submissions throughout the year for most occasions as well as specific subject matter. The company is basically looking for images that are conventional, fresh and distinct. Palm Press Inc. accepts images for occasions such as birthday, get well, anniversary, new baby, new home, graduation, Christmas and Mother’s Day. They also accept images in subject matters such as everyday life, sporting activities, wildlife, gardens, flowers, animals, babies, children, love, romance and humor. You can send them a link to your website or you can email up to 10 images that are under 1MB. You can also send them your images through postal mail. If they decide to use your work, they will contact you within 2-3 weeks.

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